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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Day 1 After Quitting Videogames... Again

Franco Sosa

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What's up people, how are you doing?

I've here before but this time I wanna go simple.


With holidays I started gaming again, after not doing so for, like, 8 months or so. I wasted about 2 months playing a couple of mobile games, then I got sick and switched to other mobile games, then Terraria in my PC... And yesterday I uninstalled it all. Initially I thought that it's ok if I waste a little time on it, since I worked hard last year and it's better to game now that I don't have as much responsabilities than in mid college period, when I have many things to do. But then last week I started Terraria and watched my playtime... Almost 200 hours! That's... what... 8 entire days of playtime! And that's without counting the other games I played previously. So I said "Enough! This is too much already" And uninstalled it. Lately I wasn't playing it too much anyway.


I got sick of games, and now I'm looking forward to returning to my hobbies.

Yesterday I went to my godmother's house to visit. Her siblings were there, and we had a good time. Played songs in the guitar, talked a lot, ... Pretty enjoyable.

Today I wanted to get back to drawing or keep practicing guitar, but I'm really bored and didn't want to do anything. I felt bad because I don't want to keep wasting time, but now I'm pretty sure that maybe it's just a matter of some days, mentally and physically recovering from gaming stimulation, and then I'll want to do things again.

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