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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


Dave B

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I've been trying to quit videogames for over a decade now, with occasional periods of success.

Because of this, I've been able to often keep it at a level where I am still "functional" which sometimes makes it easier to rationalize. I squeeze my gaming in at the margins of my life, but over time that means my relationships suffer, I have more anxiety and find less joy in life, and I am not progressing and accomplishing my life's goals and dreams.

I'm hoping to institutionalize sobriety in my life, and not miss out on my the childhood of my kids. Starting day 1 today!

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In game, the level is not hard as in real life. The game designer doesn't want to lose player. If the game have no level choice function, the hard level is normal.

So I played game, win the enemy and get the reward, I feel happy but that's just temporary happy. My real life is still a mess and still falling apart.

I know it, I think every one know it, but just some one can quit it. Since we often choose the easier choice.

But life is full of risk, full of fail potential. Not in game!

Recently, I read a book, it gave a new perspective that helped think more clearly. That 12 rules for life of Jordan Peterson.

That's it! Hope you can pass 90 days!



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