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  1. Hi Grace, I just started a few days ago as well. You might consider joining the discord #detox channel it's a bit more active I think with other people going through the detox process. Either way, happy to help support.
  2. I've been trying to quit videogames for over a decade now, with occasional periods of success. Because of this, I've been able to often keep it at a level where I am still "functional" which sometimes makes it easier to rationalize. I squeeze my gaming in at the margins of my life, but over time that means my relationships suffer, I have more anxiety and find less joy in life, and I am not progressing and accomplishing my life's goals and dreams. I'm hoping to institutionalize sobriety in my life, and not miss out on my the childhood of my kids. Starting day 1 today!
  3. For me, moderation has never worked either. I hope your detox is going well!
  4. I'm in a similar boat... I don't play as often but as soon as something stressful happens, I'm right back there.
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