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I am Quitting Video Games

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Hello everyone, my name is Thomas, and I am excited to see what can come from this.

I love video games, I've played them since I was a kid of 8 or 9. I find that there is a lot of positive aspects of gaming that are important and valuable, but I have become so accustomed to the routine of playing video games that it now takes up 90% of each day. I often find myself sad because instead of spending time with my wife or friends, or working on my writing or board games or guitar, I spend time playing video games.

I enjoy the time I spend playing video games but I am so saddend and depressed by what I miss from the time i spend playing video games.

I definitly have lost some of my social intuition and confidence, I have a poor self image and I view myself as unproductive and lazy, and I often feel intense anxiety of not having control of my life and feeling like I am at the whim of what will happen. These are all side effects of losing time to games, and using games as a replacement for most acitivites.

I have so many passions, one of them being game design, but the experience of playing games has started eating my time up so much that I don't even find time to work on them.

I want to regain control and agency over my time and how I spend it, and I want to find joy and fulfilment in doing an array of activities and keeping engaged with the people and world around me.

Here it goes!

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Hi Thomas, 

Welcome to the community! I am also new, and also excited about what the future can bring. The self-defeating thoughts that come with gaming are what spurred me to start my 90-day challenge, and it sounds like its the same for you. I look forward to walking this journey together. 



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I wish you the best of luck friend

I know it might be hard to see it that way, but don't bash yourself too much, everyone can change with enough time.

Just hang in there and take it one step at a time.


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