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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I am Quitting Video Games

Thomas King

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Hello everyone, my name is Thomas, and I am excited to see what can come from this.

I love video games, I've played them since I was a kid of 8 or 9. I find that there is a lot of positive aspects of gaming that are important and valuable, but I have become so accustomed to the routine of playing video games that it now takes up 90% of each day. I often find myself sad because instead of spending time with my wife or friends, or working on my writing or board games or guitar, I spend time playing video games.

I enjoy the time I spend playing video games but I am so saddend and depressed by what I miss from the time i spend playing video games.

I definitly have lost some of my social intuition and confidence, I have a poor self image and I view myself as unproductive and lazy, and I often feel intense anxiety of not having control of my life and feeling like I am at the whim of what will happen. These are all side effects of losing time to games, and using games as a replacement for most acitivites.

I have so many passions, one of them being game design, but the experience of playing games has started eating my time up so much that I don't even find time to work on them.

I want to regain control and agency over my time and how I spend it, and I want to find joy and fulfilment in doing an array of activities and keeping engaged with the people and world around me.

Here it goes!

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Hi Thomas, 

Welcome to the community! I am also new, and also excited about what the future can bring. The self-defeating thoughts that come with gaming are what spurred me to start my 90-day challenge, and it sounds like its the same for you. I look forward to walking this journey together. 



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