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  1. Should I be updating my Daily Journal in the same topic post or make a new one for each day? I just realized that it would create a lot of clutter and that maybe I should just responding to my original topic every time. THANKS!
  2. Great structure and lots of goals is an awesome way to go about this. I just finished module 4 worksheet Fill The Void. I found this extreamly helpful because it reminds me of all the things I love to do that fulfill me that don't involve gaming. Now having these, always at the ready activities, it will be so much easier for me to divert my attention to something whenever I am feeling that empty anticipation of the chance to play a game. If I am bored or stressed or lonely I immediatly have alternative activities to initiate.
  3. Hello again! Its day 003, I missed my day 002 journal, naughty me. I have been enjoying my time at my mothers far north from where I live. There is no distractions here, I have been walking, cooking, working on my board game, reading, writing, and watching the world cup. Its been an excellent time. However, I am very much anticipating my life at home. I will be deleting and uninstalling everything from my computer and will not be reinstalling until after the 90 days. I am not going as far as to delete my steam or battle.net accounts as video games are something I want in my life and are very important to me and my passions. However, during these 90 days I hope to build routines and resistences to the urges to play video games, and to practice ways to manage my time and discipline my habits. I have finished module 4 worksheet, and it helped me realize just how many activities and hobbies I actually have, that I love dearly, and when I do them it fulfills me, but which I forgo constantly to play video games. Anyway, those are my thoughts on day 003
  4. Good luck! i am also committing myself starting yesterday! today is day 2. Lets do this!
  5. Welcome! I am new here, and will be emarking today on my 90-day detox of my favourite thing. I am just trying to learn how to manage my time better and to not give in to the instinct to start up a game. Good luck!
  6. Soooooo.... I feel like the first week here will be a bit of an easy one because I am visiting my mother's house. She introduced me to this program and I decided to start while I am here. But! My computer is at home, so there isn't much temptation here and the real challenge will start when I return. Right now I feel confident, although a little emotional. I think of how disapointed my brothers and friends will be who I play Overwatch and Satisfactory with, because it is one of the main ways we connect. I am definitly dreading the amount of time I will now have on my hands that I will have to fill with stuff. But I am going to try and focus on sleeping well and being productive while I am here, I brought my board game that I am working on, and I always have my notebooks and pencils and writing chrome book. But definitly the hardest part of this will be the time when I don't have anything that immediatly calls out to me, and I will have to will myself to either do nothing, find some random thing to do, or (god forbid) play video games. My brain's instinct is to always play video games, and when I am not doing anything else my brain begs me to play, so learning to work with that and stay productive will be difficult.
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Thomas, and I am excited to see what can come from this. I love video games, I've played them since I was a kid of 8 or 9. I find that there is a lot of positive aspects of gaming that are important and valuable, but I have become so accustomed to the routine of playing video games that it now takes up 90% of each day. I often find myself sad because instead of spending time with my wife or friends, or working on my writing or board games or guitar, I spend time playing video games. I enjoy the time I spend playing video games but I am so saddend and depressed by what I miss from the time i spend playing video games. I definitly have lost some of my social intuition and confidence, I have a poor self image and I view myself as unproductive and lazy, and I often feel intense anxiety of not having control of my life and feeling like I am at the whim of what will happen. These are all side effects of losing time to games, and using games as a replacement for most acitivites. I have so many passions, one of them being game design, but the experience of playing games has started eating my time up so much that I don't even find time to work on them. I want to regain control and agency over my time and how I spend it, and I want to find joy and fulfilment in doing an array of activities and keeping engaged with the people and world around me. Here it goes!
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