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Point-and-click games?


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So, we all know that games like MOBAs, MMORPGs, Hearthstone and FPS games are pretty addictive. They're designed to be that way

But what about point-and-click graphical adventure games? Have any of you found them to be as addictive as the above-mentioned games? Do they stimulate dopamine releases as much as say, Overwatch for example?

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I used to play a lot of these. I’d say they can be just as addictive. I know during the pandemic I played quite a few of them because they were easy to do, like watching a show, but still active. However, I spent a lot of my free time playing them and got to the point where, for a while, it was pretty much the only thing I wanted to do. I think you become addicted to the progression and the storyline in the same way you might with wanting to know what happens next in a tv show. So, not quite the same as an MMORPG and such, but there are still elements that encourage addiction in some.

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