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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Official Discord Open

Cam Adair

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Hey everyone

We have an official Game Quitters Discord open now for anyone who wants to connect with each other there:


For some Discord may be triggering so make the right choice for yourself. Here are some tips to turn Discord into a self-improvement platform instead of a gaming one:

1) Choose your friends. It's very important that you pick out the people that you genuinely feel like you can be friends with and have a meaningful relationship with OUTSIDE of games. If there's someone that you only talk to when it's time to game and only about games, chances are they aren't the right people. You can send a friendly message to them explaining the change that you're making and if they don't respect it then that's their problem.

2) Join new communities. This is one that's not so easy, especially if you're well known and in power like I was. But it's worth it. Leave the communities that only revolve around gaming as they really won't help you in real life. Stir away from those communities as much as you can, and when you do, join new communities that fall into your areas of interest. There are communities on Discord about.. literally anything. You can try looking at the "Explore Public Servers" page on Discord.

3) Try to avoid games. As much tempted as you might be... once you do the 2 steps above it's important that you stick to your decision and try your best to avoid people or places that talk about games. Now obviously there are going to be people who are gonna try to talk to you about it but the best you can do is share where you're at with games so that both parties can be on the same page. Eventually, a lot of people will begin to see the way you've changed online and you'll become an influence for them.

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