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Beginning My Journey


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Hello everyone,

Today I purchased Respawn and decided that I need to follow through with quitting gaming. A couple months ago I was promoted at work to what I consider to be my first "real job" that has plenty of opportunity for growth. I stopped gaming for a week in order to study for a certification which led to this promotion. At that time, I stopped gaming for that week because I recognized that it was eating up too much time and money and blocking my professional growth, but as soon as I earned that certification I went right back to gaming. I tried again recently and it didn't even last a whole day and that's when I realized I really do have a problem. I just finished module one and am feeling a bit anxious and hesitant, but am looking forward to what positive changes this will have on my life.

I have recently started playing online chess and I think that this is okay because it encourages critical thinking and short play sessions. I don't feel the same addiction towards playing chess and it is a skill I can take with me in the real world. I plan on letting this be the video game that I play, unless it begins to have a negative impact on my time, money, and sleep like other games have had. This post is also the beginning of my journal, I suppose. I am excited to start this path towards a more fulfilling life.



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