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Day Number 2


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Hi all, 

Not completely used to forums and my apologies if I’m posting these in the wrong section. It’s day number 2 of deactivating  my league of legends accounts and I’m feeling ok. The tranquility of the nature and birds around me is keeping my calm and fulfilled. Not quite sure how difficult this will be however I believe in my self. Stay strong my fellow gamequitters. 



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Update on day number 2. This is getting difficult - with each passing hour I’m trying full time up to keep my mind off of things. I’ve practiced Spanish, gone to the grocery store, found some items to sell on eBay, and played chess. Do I read now? Continue Programming? It’s a little scary thinking I won’t game again almost like a warm blanket has been taken from me to test me in the cold winter. 

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I meditated as well. Wrote a poem that went like this:


The birds chirping around me sound like lovers seeing each other after a long war


I think of the world around me and question my being. Am I real? Is there a real me?

I wonder about the time I spent on summoners rift and know that I was playing a video game, within a video game

I see now that quitting is the best move I can make on the chess board of life’s game and it’s time for me to become a summoner elsewhere.


On a new rift full of wonder and possibility  

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