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Let's grow into juicy grapes


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Hey everyone, my name is Yan, I live in Israel, and I want to quit games because it is simply a time eater, a way to avoid life. Instead of allowing us to face our challenges, it just makes us escape them, therefor losing precious time and days that we could be using to fulfill our purpose, for which we were brought to this world. Like a grape kernel which is destined to grow into a grape bush, so are we meant to achieve certain things. My main goal now is to just like Cam, focus on developing my content and making a move abroad (To Spain).

Thanks for reading and stay strong!!

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On 9/12/2022 at 10:54 PM, jnp said:

Hi there, congratulations on taking the first steps towards a new life! I really hope that this path is going to be prosperous and life-changing for you. 🙂


Thanks jnp! On another subject: How does one use the "Days Won" feature below our profile image on the posts?

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