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Hello everyone

I don't know how to write this since I have never been in a support group before and I still have doubts about what to do and strive for or if this is the right place to ask for advice.

I am a young adult which has missed out on a lot of experiences and opportunities due to problems spawning from or related with internet overuse and a general introverted scaredy nature. 

I have tried to quit video games and social media content (youtube and twitch) for about 4-5 years now, with varying degrees of success. Over the course of these years I have had good streaks of up to a month without gaming which was more or less good as on average it decreased the amount of days spent feeling down.

Despite these big accomplishments I always end up coming back to games or videos  starting with something small apparently harmless like a meme or music and then escalating into a 12h or more binge ending with back and emotional pain as well as throwing my normal and sleeping schedules off leading to a negative feedback loop where the more hurt I am the less I go outside and the less I believe I can break out of this. 

Although I don't know how much it will take or how I will deal this dumpster fire that I created for myself I hope I can find some help advice and new perspectives in this community and hopefully in the future be able to also give back to it.



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