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Cameron’s big interview


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Just wanted to comment on Cameron’s recent televised interview.

The interview was done by an American news channel and there was one other respondent who became a millionaire by winning a video game tournament.

I really appreciate that Cameron had the chance to state about the dangers of video games, how they can undermine character and lead many young people astray. I must say he was afforded insufficient time because he is really good at showing how these games are a fraud. This is not an exaggeration. Your grandad that took a soccer ball on his day out and played with his neighbors had a more meaningful and happy life than you if you are spending time at the screen. If the screen keeps telling you you’re happy, that may not be true.

 I’m glad it got nationwide coverage in the US. I hoped Cameron would talk more about insidious media (music, film, internet, social networks and covert advertising techniques) that undermine mental health and threaten peace in the country but he wasn’t afforded time for that.

One issue which caught my attention was the young kid who was commended for his video gaming success. A huge point was not talked about here by all the people in the interview. There was praise for the 10 million prize money, but what did the guy create? Money is not an end in itself.

You can measure that by observing your mental health recover, your relationships with people gaining aspects of mutual respect, humbleness, sincerity and trust.

What is the message to our youth then. If you join a local swimming club and don’t become the olympic champion, you will get a healthy body and mind. But if you join a video game team or a cinema club for your daily hit where will you end up (regardless of how high you rise). What about your time, especially at young age?

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