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NEW VIDEO: Gaming Fatigue is Affecting Your Life

Hey there, I’m MrHarr.


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My name is Ty, I’m a 22 years old, married to my lovely wife of three years. I’ve pretty much always had an addiction to vg’s, ever since I was a kid. My wife, who was concerned about my addiction, helped me sign up for this place. I enjoy VG’s, but it’s our goal to help me get rid of my addiction and instead turn it into only one of my various hobbies that I like to enjoy. This weekend I’m working on making plans to go fishing with one of my work buddies, so maybe that’s a good start. 

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Good choice I think MrHarr. Go for a video game detox here and more if you dare, your 30s 40s and beyond would benefit greatly. Do try and start a journal here it is a good help!

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