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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

All videogames are Candy Crush


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This is a slogan I came up with to help me in my recovery and pursuit of sobriety.  Maybe it has already been said, I just want to echo it then.

Controversial?  Yes

You press a button then --> Get a pleasurable response

Candy crush is a mindless phone game where you complete puzzles and once you do you get a pleasurable Ding!  You can spend money on that ding to make it ding even louder or more frequent.  Its designed to be addictive time sink money spender.  To be honest, I have never played this game, nor do I ever want too, this is what I imagine it to be like.  This is an assumption but I believe its a healthy one because it strengthens my pursuit of sobriety. 

Overwatch, Rocket League, Smash brothers, League of Legends, Fortnite, Counterstrike.  These games are disguised as skill based and are team oriented, When in fact they are just a series of button presses in the right order at the right time, to get that same pleasurable Ding!  They are Candy Crush. A Digital Dopamine Ding.  A 60 dollar candy crush,  A subscription to Candy Crush,  Candy crush to me carries a bad stigma so I use that to help me in my recovery, maybe it will for you too.

What are your comments thoughts and opinions, Lets have a discussion about this.  Has anyone ever had problems with a free phone game where it convinced you to spend alot of cash on it?  What was that like?  

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My opinion is the more you give thought to any game at all is the more opportunity it has to negotiate with your bad habits you want to replace and detox from!  From an outreach help point of view this kind of topic is possibly of some value to get a point across but from a detox point of view I would just try to stick with generalizations and not focus on one particular game even though you hadn't played it before.

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Now that I think more about it is not ideal to talk about the old lifestyle we're trying to replace particularly specific games so I will be seeing myself away from this topic now, someone could have a real soft spot for any mentioned games.  I think it just takes a little time for the mind to change tracks to totally focus on our new life we are building so most of us new to a detox just may tend to talk about that life a little I guess.

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