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Hi, Sowelu here


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I have been trying to beat my addiction for many years now. At least ten. Possibly more.

Looking for a way to end this curse.

Also, looking for a buddy to talk to about these things. And go through this process with.

I am 41; a father of two kids. Took up studying at university. Lot of stuff going on in my life with nobody to really to talk to about it who would understand and be in a similar situation. I used to be a heavy smoker and I managed to quit ten years ago. Now I pray I will do the same with gaming. I've been gaming for past 30-ish years so the habit and the crutch is strong. :D

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We hereby grant you permission to be uncursed!  .. at least we practice that life here as much as possible. Welcome to DM me with the chat messenger here, welcome to the forum!

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