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Don't let the name fool you I am NOT a doctor I am a Poor Helpless Drunk with almost 33 years of sobriety (Jan 3rd 34 yrs 1 day at a time). I am faced with multitude of addictions gaming is just 1 and they are all entwined together cigarettes when I need a break from a game so there's 2 addictions. I absolutely hate / love the way I live but Do I? I dont know I have another account here but I forgot about it. so I made a new one. I also have schizophrenia (which hinders quitting even harder). I have the guitar countless hours on it I used to play but now about 1 time if that a week. I served in the military from 1982 to 1988 4 yrs active at which time they found I had schizophrenia and gave me an honorable discharge. 2 years later they retired me. Now the VA has me and I make a well enough pension for me and my wife to live on. I have been at gaming heavily since 2005 or more so I have played arcade pinball asteroids and the like back in the day. I will go into more detail later for now this is just a general idea of who I am. I am not sure of myself anymore I NEED HELP? How to start and stay stopped but mostly maintain the process.

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