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  1. I haven't really played any games in weeks is it common to have emotional upheavals from not playing any more?? Thanks
  2. In response I have all but quit gaming and most of my friends or people I talk to on discord or play with are family. I quit alcohol 33 years ago now smoking I am working on as well but the gaming has got to go. I used to play guitar but lost interest years ago I mean I played and practiced for hours it was fun just cant seem to get in the groove again also I use to like to read but now my attention span is like 10 to 15 minutes at most I need to do SOMETHING but I can't think of anything.
  3. OK I just bought No Man's Sky and am just in love with the game but I bought it on the 14th of last month June 14th and according to steam I have 291 hours on it it is too much I am falling apart and my wife isnt helping I want a computer but I have this gaming rig I bought last year for 2500 dollars and have spent at least 2000 dollars on star trek and other game that is the least she wont help me to help myself I don't know what to do she wont let me downgrade and try to find something otherwise this gaming computer is going to waste. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do please feel free to let me know???? frustrated scared and tired and mentally exhausted.......!!!!!!
  4. So this is a question I have too? Do you uninstall discord as well?
  5. Today is the day I uninstalled every single came I have downloaded and played. I have been slowly drifting away from them anyway. I have left all the discord servers except 2 of which once I say farewell I will leave it would be to embarrassing and hurtful for me to go back. I still have discord though and am not sure if I should keep that as I do have family and friends on my server and several others. I am sick and tired of my life as I also am trying to quit smoking now the 2 are intertwined so now I have a chance to work on my smoking and there is plenty to do on that end as far as recovery goes. I am 60 years old and regret some of the years I have wasted on these 2 addictions. I want to live my life as if it were the last day on earth what that entails only meditation and prayer will reveal if I live to see another day. Please whatever God there is help me.
  6. I have been playing elite dangerous here recently and now it's making me want to quit gaming also it scares me literally I get scared when I have to jump or supercruise or land on a planet anyway what motivated you to give it all up??
  7. Don't let the name fool you I am NOT a doctor I am a Poor Helpless Drunk with almost 33 years of sobriety (Jan 3rd 34 yrs 1 day at a time). I am faced with multitude of addictions gaming is just 1 and they are all entwined together cigarettes when I need a break from a game so there's 2 addictions. I absolutely hate / love the way I live but Do I? I dont know I have another account here but I forgot about it. so I made a new one. I also have schizophrenia (which hinders quitting even harder). I have the guitar countless hours on it I used to play but now about 1 time if that a week. I served in the military from 1982 to 1988 4 yrs active at which time they found I had schizophrenia and gave me an honorable discharge. 2 years later they retired me. Now the VA has me and I make a well enough pension for me and my wife to live on. I have been at gaming heavily since 2005 or more so I have played arcade pinball asteroids and the like back in the day. I will go into more detail later for now this is just a general idea of who I am. I am not sure of myself anymore I NEED HELP? How to start and stay stopped but mostly maintain the process.