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Hey there, I am Štěpán, am 26 and I live in Czech Republic. I have been fighting gaming for over 10 years now, with major breakthrough 3 years ago when i dropped from my 3rd college and i finally decided to seek therapy help. My life became better since then, I managed to leave parents house, find myself relationship i want to invest into and i study school with part-time work that i am interested in.
Trouble is, that i still find myself unable to concentrate on these. I quit playing League of legends couple years back, but games never really left me, i was watching lot of speedruns, streams and videos not only from league, became part of the community around Hollow Knight and begun playing short-ish adventure and roguelike games. Couple months ago i realized my life is still controlled by these. I would fill every blank space in my time with games and often i would not turn up to school or turn down work because i felt exhaused and empty inside. Needless to say i played games instead. It started to take effect on my relationship as well and thats when i realized i need more direct approach and found Game Quitters. Started my 90-day detox on Sunday with intentions of fill in the blanks with other stuff than games and if its necessary, stop playing games as a whole, even though i hope it will not be needed. Cheers for you fellows working on yourself and lets get this done!

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