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is no fap good?


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When it comse down to no fap i believe there are a lot of misconceptions regarding benefits and cons, most of them stem from myths others from a complete lack of critical thinking but I wanted to check with you people to discuss how nofap could shift from beneficial to absolutely cancerous, just to understand what are your opinions about it.

I believe nofap is most beneficial to those who have developed a chronic pmo habits, especially those who went down the dependency pattern.

Porn is undoutely bad becouse:

  • It "shapes" your brain to think at women as filthy pleasure objects rather than beatiful people with a heart, a brain, ideals, in short beauties of nature who add so much value to life, this way it is difficult to look forward to finding someone who can eventually become our future so-loved wife, who will take care of our future so-loved sons, or even caring about it.
  • Your empathy level decrease dramatically, as a result of the dopamine need and another consequence of the first point we find it difficult to love and care.
  • Dopamine (hormone or brain rewarding system) level though the roof, each and most activities of our everyday life release a certain level of dopamine, but masturbating to and also simply watching porn, the dopamine-release can most likely be an 100 time more powerful than all the other activities so we get that excessive pleasure, in simple words this means that the brain feel that excessive amount of joy and excitedness in a so short time that it can't simply stand the time without it, time that feels like void and every other activity becomes kind of futile because the dopamine release is so inferior that is insignificant. This is because it's (not so commonly) regarded as a drug and it stumulates the same type of activity in our brain as cocaine. So for this alone it ain't good.
  • uncontolled ejaculating, which is the likelyhood when watching porn, is bad too. Sperm is the thing we use to give life, but in a man-based system it is also his. I don't know excactly why but the amount of it we have in"our sack" is a sort of energy provider, the less we have of it, the more we feel like we need to have some rest. So simply put it's a productivity killer before our dreams and passion.
  • Fisical fatigue, as a result of ejaculating and low-dopamine level, training is much harder.
  • I personally think it is also likely to manifest some type of eating-disorder, especially when you have to provide yourself, cooking "requires" much more energy level, you can lose appetite because you are tired so long term you lose weight, or you can develop the opposite tendency, because you're tired your body lead you to eat more sugar-based food so that you can recover a little, but even through uncontrollably eating (like if you just smoked pot or something), many might still paradoxically lose weight and of course muscle.
  • As sperm-level sack down, also your testosterone is against the ropes, which is now that i realize why sperm counts so much, testosterone is our "energy provider". Confidence drops, muscle gain drops, motivation drops, it all goes down the slippery slope into the gorge.
  • Others which i wish to discuss.

As detailed above I also think masturbation is bad if not controlled (I mean like if multiple times every days, it might be clear that you kind are destroying your reproductive tool).

No-fap community has at first done a good job in keeping people from treating themselves in order to overcome the addiction that ice-froze their life progression, but over time also this community has put its first step towards a slow alienation. As alienation in this case, I mean it started recollecting myths and false beliefs that are turning the cathartic journey into a double edged weapon, toxic false prespectives that are keeping people and most of all teens from reaching their true most authentic potential as humans.

It's kinda hard to explain, I'm not a writer and let alone able to turn intuitive-type feeling into words and I'm not a scientist so I can't provide exact debunking arguments on neuroscience research and such but i'll do my best to make sure you get the same wrongness feeling I felt first-hand diving into the don't-you-dare-to-fap intellectual environment. I'll just try no gather most of the information I got and stick together what makes sense and throw away what i feel is a product of incompletion in thought.

Back at school science was this important subject that was rarely wrong because it is based upon fucused observation and various experiments with cutting-edge tools, but science and rational thinking can be wrong. Science is too very speculative when it comes down to exploring un unknown territory as of that of the brain, the porn-effect research provided are a result of observation and keeping track of significant changes in test subjects and establishing trends instead of actual results.

When science and especially neuroscience reach their premature conclusion in a study, the output is the trend that we get considering centain factors but most often there are other important things to consider that are ignored  because are obviously unknown. So in short we get a truth based on certain points of view instead of others. For example the common output is that porn is the cause of depression but the fact is that they don't know for sure. The brain is a very powerful tool, it can control the physical and psycological state through conditioning itself and briefly through the placebo effect. Depression can be also the result of shame and guilt one may feel because his subconscious is indoctrinated with beliefs that what he's done is totally unaceptable (whether it is religion or simply moral indoctrination). 

In science there are certain conclusion and others that are completely outputting the opposite of what they have found. As navigating and finding 5 articles on how masturbation is bad for health and then finding other two plus a ted talk on why you shoud masturbate. It's complete "flipping" mayhem.

There are research that show that during porn-watching (so while doing sex I reckon) gray matter amount is reduced and so neurons die and then you have people reporting that they find hard to remember certain things and there are answers that state that it isn't true and others who can relate. Then you have people freaking out that they want their memory and critical thinking back because they dared to occasionally jerk off to porn and now they can't make the same cognitive thinking-links on the historical-book they read a day before.

Drug-like addiction and stuff whatever but at the end of the day porn is (bad) sex on a screen why should people be concened in like wanking off with their girlfriend on the screen or the other guy I saw who was afraid of doing it with their girlfriend because then he would lose his no-fap "superpowers", other that are stating that they will exclusively have sex only when intentionally making babies. And the worst of all are the neuroscientists on yt that condemn the hookups because of ejaculation or sex "whithout feeling" and this not only for in-recovery-addicts that may relapse but even for those who don't wanna lose their energy, at this point i guess y'all know what i mean (I began to even think there is a secret council, a cult or somth made up by doctors and puritan priests with some obscure interests). 

15 years-old boys are taking on the journey and if they are currently consuming porn i'm glad because if they make it they will grow differently from my old friends who when meeting a girl, first look up her butt and then her eyes, it's preposterous, but if they will start to write on how reaching day 10 they feel totally different and invincible and strong and how any other who doesn' make it is weak or how any other who doesn wanna do it is a fool or how they are able to fit the whole planet up their ass, it is a clue that something might just have gone wrong.

I can go further talking about how the fact that they become more like a magnet to other people might be true and such but I'd like to hear what's your opinion about masturbation and presumibly subliminal-spirit-suicide culture. Sorry in advance if I mispelled something but it's not my first language.




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Thank you for sharing! 

I think that overall, I stand by you- excessive consumption or action of any kind is always not good; it drives people out of balance. There are some things that are, no matter how you look at them, are harmful. I think that porn is harmful; it is at its core a fantasy that pretends to be real, and it dehumanises every person that’s involved in it. Masturbation, too, can be harmful if excessive. However, I think that this is pretty much where the line between facts and speculation is drawn. 

Any sort of “benefits” of nofap are blown out of proportion by the communities you mentioned, and it honestly does feel like a cult sometimes. To me, nofap fails to address one of the main issues that causes excessive masturbation/porn- over-fixation on all things surrounding sex. Often, nofap communities glorify abstaining from PMO, but do little to acknowledge how much P corrupts the way women (and men, and many other kind of people) are perceived by others. In those communities, women are still seen as overly-glorified objects of desire, and often the ultimate goal of someone’s nofap journey is to simply get better at having sex. 

I personally stay away from PMO by reading and learning through FightTheNewDrug; it addresses the issues PMO causes fully without putting any “superpowers” and other unscientific bs. 


In the long run, I find nofap a very odd place. I can’t really compare it to anything but a cult lol. It’s really hard to relate it to gaming in any way; even hardcore gaming communities abstain from making the ridiculous claims you mention nofap communities do. 


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