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  1. No  I don´t I just use my time watching Youtube that leads me to having very little time and everything falls short. I think just quitting is not gonna solve my problems...I thought that might as well start gaming again because im just replacing video games with YT..


    Thank you very much though.

  2. Thank you very much!

    One problem is that i dont know how to try new activities, when my preperatons for lectures and seminars get in the way of trying out new activities?

    That is actually one thing I talked with my conselor. I see that the only time to do something else is when it is late in the evening or night when I cant sleep..

    There is just so much to calibrate in my life combined with the struggle in studies... I dont know whether I can handle that.

    Thank you


  3. loved to go outside stargazing but thats out of the question now since i am not allowed to go outside after 9 pm.

    I feel burned out after my  online lectures. When I have time to do something else there are oftentimes multiple not finished online classes to finish.

    I tried to wake up earlier today and it didn't work then after lectures I felt tired and hungry i didn't make lunch.


  4. Hello fellow quitters,


    it has been awhile since my last entry. I was trying to live with games and have seen how unfulfilling my time has been.

    I have started to quit yesterday at 2 am.

    I wont play video games today because when I start it will not have an end.


  5. Hello 

    Sorry for replying late.

    I found out that all the little things require a lower dopamine receptor sensitivity that I don't have yet.

    I read something that sport can recover dopamine receptors..How is that?

    Thank you very much in advance !

  6. Hello 

    I'm on my 2 oder 3rd day and  notice that I make little improvements in life but at the same time.

    My question: why is that despite I'm making little improvement in real life you can be proud of  that you feel uncomfortable and restless and would highly go back to games?

  7. 58 minutes ago, info-gatherer said:

    @JustTom ?

    Day 1, still

    Why I don’t have the time to do all the things I’d like to do today? Where’s my day gone????

    Oh, of course, I just realized I woke up at 1PM.

    I just finished reading Respawn. The first time, two years ago, I only read up to chapter 4, which is the one in which you figure out what to do instead of gaming. I couldn’t think of anything at the time! This time I found the answers I need and read up to the last page.

    I share here my goals:

    WORK: Finish all my exams except one before the end of September.

    SOCIAL: Go to the library at least 2 times a week!

    There is a new library in my city and apparently everyone I used to know when I was in school is studying there, so it’ll be a chance to improve my social skills and maybe (re)connect with people!

    BODY: Exercise & Healthy eating!

    I will go back to exercising daily. I’m adding 10 minutes meditation. I’m also looking into the possibility of a padel course and/or gym membership.

    LOGISTICS: Plan the day in advance thanks to an agenda or calendar. Keep a gratitude journal. Edit: Set a fixed and healthy sleeping schedule.


    I’m really happy to be here again doing this! Right now I’m experiencing a burst of energy, because I now have GOALS and objectives I want to achieve ?

    Quote by Respawn:



    Way to go!!!

    I like the meditation goal you have there!!

  8. Day 3 of no games

    Day 6 no PMo 


    Hello fellow quitters, 


    I have found time to write today.

    I have been spending 4 days in Vienna and right after that started the practical internship as a pharmacy assistant.


    The first 2 days were very intense learning wise 

    Regarding cravings:

    I had a dream about  games and sex a couple of days earlier

    I have fortunately very little free time so I experienced no cravings though I  was frustrated about no reason.

    I had been standing outside where 2 weeks before  I had been eating Cherries and was wondering where the time went, which is kinda depressing especially the difference between being in a no brain doing what I want to a place where. I have to be concentrating and learning as much as in a pharmacy.


    I am fed up with  not getting  what i instant  gratification is promising me to give.

    Though I'm still in a mode of  oh the future self of me will work this out or the future self is going to clean up for me or  that other pharmacy assistant are helping me out all the time...

    I see that some things are predictable and some are not.




    Ate some high fat food during lunch break which made my throat hurt.

    I feel more alert even without high caffeinated drinks in the morning.




  9. On 12/3/2018 at 3:24 AM, Shine Magical said:

    I think its better to completely avoid if you're able since it will always be a constant battle, for a short period you may be able to do it but it can become a habit easily over the long term and you become too lenient with yourself until you end up in a situation again where you've been playing too much and feel a need to cut back but a long period of time might pass until you feel like you need to cut back and so the cutting back part will be more painful because you'll need to rewire your brain again.

    Why is it getting more painful to cut back?

  10. Hello 

    It's been awhile 

    Tomorrow I'll have my next big exam and I'm improving on time mangement and getting my morning routine together.

    Setting priorities before learning is a very hard thing to get into at least for the beginning.

    I noticed that I pull my eyebrows and cannot sleep well the last 2 weeks.

    Btw it's my day 4 on no pmo and games.

    Whereas games had been more like a after habit of a pmo relapse.

    I am feeling weird and had some headache today.

    Almost relapsed and went outside to have got up at 10(Wanted to get up at 5.30 as usual.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. 1 hour ago, katsudo19 said:

    So after thinking about what will be my next steps I decided to seek professional help. I'm quitting forum. It helped me a lot but I need to go further and internet will not solve my problems. Guys you are so amazing community and you struggle a lot. I wish you only best. And finally solve your crisis.


    Much love.

    Good luck You have opened my eyes my friend.


  12. relapsed yesterday night 

    after that porn relapse , Now  I dwell on gaming to feel good after that relapse

    How can I change my attitude to being a game quite to an absolute retard so fast

    Is it my attitude to relapse? I thing I should have gone to bed earlier.(around 10pm not 12pm with chips and dip..

  13. 26 minutes ago, katsudo19 said:

    Man must develop mind, heart and willpower. How are you? Things going well or you fall repeatedly? You are Old Timer here. I know the struggle man.

    Tbh. I don't have a specific goal.I want to face life in all its forms face especially the uncomfortable moments.

    The issue is I slack taking time for myself,  building up habits, focussing on the important subjects.

    Before games I have reacted up to 100% to the day

    Now Sometimes when I am in the mood I am working but on the wrong things that take a lot if time and have little effect on success.

    Sometime I get up later and then I'm like you have fucked up the early morning having no time to do your gratitude list, not experiencing morning silence and calmness.

    Then the day  has started pretty wasted and its a lot more difficult to get back on track with regaining purpose of the day.

    I guess I should use discipline to get up early writing a schedule prior to the day and focus on the most important steps that are listed for that day.

    Could someone tell me what I could optimise?