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  1. Hello fellow former gamer friends who have rather similar ambitions, just wanted to quickly introduce myself and my experience. In my opinion, to me, gaming was not a hobby or even an addiction, instead I've preferred to look it as a lifestyle choice. Now compared to some other stories I heard, my gaming hours isn't as bad, 5-6 hours every day gaming pfft, that's nothing, right? See, although my hours is not nearly as bad as some few people, it's still the fact that I have been doing it everyday for 10 years of my life which is where I see the issue, and it needs to stop. That said, gaming has taken a great toll on my life. I admit I have always been a shy kid since I was little so I wasn't really good at socialising anyway, but gaming just cemented that shyness and prevented me from coming out of my shell and developing the social skills I needed throughout my teenage years (19 now btw). As a result, throughout this time I have lost friends, gained social anxiety, depression, lost passion in sports, distracted me from things I wanted to do like learn a language etc. Although there can be many factors towards some of these issues, I know for a fact that gaming was a direct reason for a few of them. So why now? Well, Although I have recovered from a few of these issues (social anxiety, depression, loss of friends (although most of these 'friends' are online gamers)). i want to fix more. I know there is still something wrong and that is my social space and me enjoying actual life. I have tried in the past year to go the gym, go night-clubbing, sports etc. Just things that I have never done before and to be honest I either end up not enjoying them or too lazy and hesitant to do them again, thus prompting me to game instead. Yeah I'm obviously an introvert but to me that is no excuse to stay in my room everyday and play video games. The few friends I have outside of gaming I struggle to make a real, genuine, friendly bond and I know this is going to be the same if not worse when I finally meet a girl. Anyway, the bottom-line is although I have the motivation to quit, and done so before for a few weeks, I just don't simply know how. I keep on re-lapsing because to be fair I just don't know what to do with myself once I quit. Therefore, by quitting gaming I am hoping to get a better person out of myself, one that has not been seen in a decade. Thank you for taking the time to read a random persons story. :)