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NEW INTERVIEW: How Pauline Narvas Overcame Gaming Addiction to Become a Programmer and Build an Incredible Life!


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  1. I want to thank everyone for their help.  I do not plan on gaming.  @Cam Adair Good luck with your project.  I think you're on to something here.

    After careful consideration I don't want to post anymore when someone can take up a whole page with their signature and profess principles I don't believe in and don't work.

    Again thanks everyone for you help.  I will miss you.


  2. Noooo not candy too! :( And no coffee! :( And no Wagon Train! :( 

    Welcome :) Why not take the most important things first?  Like no gaming and no porn?  Which those two are a huge chunk to bite off...  Personally, I need a bad habit.  I just have to pick a bad habit that's within acceptable range. :) Reading non-fiction? xD 


  3. @Piotr I like the format you're using in your journal now.  Especially the color coding. :) 


    They seemed brilliant at first, unfortunately, after checking the internet, I've found out that both of them already exist. This kinda brought me down, that I might not be able to come out with anything original. Still thinking, though.

    Just because you re-invented the wheel doesn't mean it was any less brilliant :) 


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