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  1. Lol, caught me there! I uninstalled the game, but couldn't bring,myself at the time to delete the toons. After all the work I put in I was not willing to look at them and dismantle them. Ugh! I know you're right. At some point hopefully I can do that as final closure.
  2. Hey SanctiaV, Ya it's tough! I'm only 2 weeks in on a journey I started alone, with just the support of my family. I'm 40, married with 2 little boys. I realized I was fighting my family and justifying my gaming time in Destiny. It owned me. Its still trying to pull me back in. I haven't let it go totally. I'm getting chat room messages constantly from folks in my clan as they prep for a new dlc coming out in a couple weeks. I can't stand it. I had to leave those chat rooms cuz even hearing about it is causing me to second guess my decision to leave it all behind. Keep in mind what it does to you when you go back. Keep in mind the victory and freedom you feel the longer you stay away and stay strong. Set little goals and knock those out and gradually increase them while gradually cutting ties at the same time if need be.
  3. I would just say to anyone, find your strength and stay with it. For me, reuniting with a rededication to what matters in life with my wife and kids has been huge. I have also been really digging into the Bible and finding a lot of strength there.
  4. Everything in life has been better since getting out of Destiny. I have reconnected with my wife and kids, I feel awake. I went so far to eliminate all these apps and the game from my console, as well as sent a post to my clanmates regarding what the game was doing to my family life, that so many ties have been cut I'd look like a hypocrite and a weakling for putting it all back together and getting back to the game and all.
  5. Zax, I am currently struggling with cutting ties to Destiny. I know the kind of grip that game can have. It's not worth it, the constant grinding, replaying levels, constant new quests or you deciding you want a new weapon or armor piece etc. Many games are kinda finite, but a game like Destiny that keeps reinventing itself in real time with balances and patches etc, is just a very clever way to keep luring people in to,playi,g this entrapping game that is essentially just stealing time in people's lives. I know how that game is man. If you need someone to talk to we can lean on each other.
  6. Hey, If you're anything like me, well addiction is addiction, be it drugs, virtual reality/ video games, etc. They all have commonalities brother. The 1st step there that you took was that you've had it, and apparently you're awake to the problem(s) and want to change. Now how do you handle it? Continue to give these things even the slightest foothold? Any open door or window you leave allows these things to enter in. I suggest getting the strength enough to cut those ties at some point. You may need to start to taper some of it off gradually and replace some of that time with other activity, excersise, experience in the real world etc. It's gonna be hard no doubt. But these things want you to remain shackled to them, then they know they have you. Be courageous. I'll pray for your fight and for your freedom and victory.
  7. Hi all, this is my gamertag. I am 2 weeks out now since I had an epiphany and decided to quit Destiny after a year of: Arguments with my wife, staring at my phone in chat rooms on LINE, DISCORD, BAND, GROUP ME, DESTINY COMPANION APP, as well as other apps used to manage gear etc and lfg for this game, staying up late, not going to bed- sleeping on the couch, essentially trading time in my life with my family away to this game and continually showing my loved ones that this game was more important than them. I miss the game and the people in my "clan" but the game was ruining everything. It's the kind of game that had to reinvent itself continually in order to lure people in and it keep them trapped. You find yourself continually grinding for the new gear or new version of something so that there's always some quest or hell bent mission you're on that keeps the game in control of you. I started to wonder, does the Xbox controller have control of me, or me of it? Honestly I couldn't tell anymore. So 2 weeks ago today, I got fed up, went to the store, got a refund on the Rise of Iron dlc I bought, deleted and uninstalled all the apps I used on my phone, and uninstalled the game from my Xbox 1. Now I'm having withdrawls. Some days or moments better than others but especially as the date for the new dlc to drop draws near, having mixed feelings. I need some extra strength or encouragement....
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