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  1. Hi. I'm 30 years old. I never worked in my life. I receive a small money from rental of a house that was from my deceased mother. This is the only money I get, and I'm responsible for my sustain. I already dropped out 3 times of 3 different universities. I'm currently matriculated in a engineering course, but I it's only in order to eat the free lunch and dinner. I live alone in a rented room and have no friends, only going out to eat. I wake up and start a mixture of gaming, wikipedia and my country's imageboard. Than I go to sleep. It's been like this since my 18. Year after year is getting worse. Sometimes I think that now I made to the end of the hole, but always can be a little deep. Even my healthy is deteriorating because I started to drink 1L of a inexpensive and garbage local soda almost every day since last year. It feels like I slept with 20 and awaked with 30, really old and with regrets. I can't awake up and realize I have 40. Gaming and browsing mindless in the internet has to go. Has to go forever. It has been years that it isn't funny anymore.