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  1. Thank you all so much for the replies, they are very much needed. I got really lonely & fell back in-game again, but my phone pinging with reply emails broke me back to reality. For that, I'm incredibly thankful. I uninstalled today, as I have a new job to start on Monday (I can't mess this up). It's so hard because I drifted away from my friends & family when I was gaming & of course got close to the other addicts I spent time with. I tried to say goodbye, but a "last hurrah" turned into a multi-day binge. I feel awful about it, completely weak. I tried to delete my main character but it brought me to tears, I just couldn't do it. Maybe after some time passes, after I'm living in the real world & no longer having cravings for the virtual world, maybe then I can delete. I hope it's okay that I mention this stuff- I really do want to quit. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I have lots of friends in-game who play 8-12 hours per day or more that haven't had their lives explode but part of me thinks it's coming for them too & I should warn them. Maybe I just need to put on my parachute & jump.
  2. Hi Jared, Wow, I'm glad you got away from "Black Widow Baby." She sounds dangerous. I hope you continue on your journey, do you have specific goals? Also, have you considered eating more healthfully? Pretty much all of us can improve our diets in some way or another, which totally changes how you feel mentally & physically. Nice intro, though and glad you shared with us. I'm new too so not sure what else to say except I'm pretty sure we all believe in you, bro!
  3. Hi everyone, As the title states, I'm new here. I feel new to everything in life right now. I'm trying to stop gaming, of course. I've only ever played one game, but I have 6k+ hours into it after only 2.5 years. I balanced life and game time at first until a vaccine injury that left me unable to walk for 6 months. That's when things got really bad for me with gaming. I was going to delete my account today, but then thought maybe I should sell it instead. Unfortunately, I failed today- I caved in and played for a couple of hours and that's all it took to make me feel like the world is spinning out of control. Anyway, I am finally well enough to work again but my sleep is all messed up, etc. I guess I'm just feeling really lost & alone right now. I'm not sure what else to say.