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  1. Hello, my name is Carlos and I've been gaming for about three years now. In the past two years I've got more and more into gaming until I had a realization a few days ago. The first is the money factor, I looked back on the $3500+ I've spent on gaming and then I compared that to what I've got out of it. $3500 is a lot of money and I'm almost 15 so in about a year I could be driving, and that money could've got me a decent first car. Also, I'm smart for my age and I'm in the top class at school and did well until I started to see my grades lower, especially on my report. It was still an above average report and my parents were happy but I know I could've done better if I didn't play games so much. I then observed my class and looked at their grades, what I found was that those that played games more tended to have worse grades. I've also noticed that they seem to be more negative towards normal things at school and say things like "I just want to go home and play." Last year I managed to go 2 months without games then I relapsed, and a month ago I quit for 2 weeks then relapsed. I've identified my goals for my life and every hour I spend gaming is an hour that I'm not spending to achieve that goal, and when I'm not working towards that goal there's usually someone who is, and if I decide to quit gaming later rather than sooner I may be too late to achieve that goal. Anyway, I'm starting today, wish me luck, I'll be grateful for any advice you guys have in the comments, have a great day and have a wonderful journey.
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