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  1. Excellent text Pochatok. I share your concerns regarding Yan. It really is a box Yan is building for himself. Control is a word that comes to my mind when I read his journal. Total control. I have noticed some members of GQ think their life is going to get better only by doing things. 10 pomodora session, 30 pushups, cleaning up, strict food schedules, no Youtube etc. I think people should dig deeper. Why is it so scary to lose the control? What is it really that I am trying to control? Yan, what if you would spend one day doing nothing? Just lay down or go for a walk for few hours without screens or other distractions and listen to yourself. What comes to your mind? How does it feel in your body? What it tells about you if you can’t lay down for few hours doing nothing? At least I hope you won’t spend rest of your life doing minimum of 10 pomodora session each day and running your days through with a stopwatch. Sounds miserable life.
  2. Thanks Pochatok. I read an article about eating disorders today. Yan, you have it all. Hope you will be smart enough to seek some professional help and by that I don’t mean some random ”life coach” or ”mentor” giving monthly or weekly ”coaching calls” for nothing. Your journal is a perfect example why apps like Cronometer should have never been invented. Anyways, I think I had my share of Game Quitters for now. Peace.
  3. Yan, i think your journal is getting more and more crazy. First you controlled your eating by measuring everything you eat. Now its not enough anymore but you have to control time you use for preparing food and eating too. What next? Let me guess. Less food, less time for eating, more exercise, more counting of days, more restrictions, more control, more limits and so on. Always less food. Sounds healthy and balanced life. Also deeply disappointed to this forum since there is nobody to be brave enough to address these issues. Yan, have you ever heard about eating disorders? Anorexia etc. Maybe you should spend few pomodora session for looking some information. Btw, I have never realized that having a poop can be a lost of time. Mind blowing.
  4. Hey Yan, what is the difference if you eat your "last bite" at 1859 or 1901? I think your new routine is just one more way to control your eating which you seems to do a lot already. It almost look like that you do everything you can to control and limit your eating. Also, i would like to point out that in order to eat healthy there is no need to weight everything you eat. That amount of control and rules for eating is not healthy for anyone. More likely it can be a sympton of some kind of eating disorder.
  5. Hey Yan, why do you have to scale and skip your meals if you are already underweight? I read through your journal and it was hard to understand your typical day routine. For example, how many hours do you usually sleep or exercise in a day?
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