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NEW VIDEO: I Replaced Gaming With Real Life (Nicco Transformation)


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  1. Apparently 21 times of doing something in succession forms a habit, I heard that somewhere a long time ago. I guess it’s when the brain automatically wants to do something without think about it. When like me your brain is wired to wake up look at your screen and play mindless games each day, then it’s difficult to break. I think the fact you are setting your self daily goals is fantastic, I’m trying to learn from you as well as I am struggling keep up the effort, I’m sure it will be worth it !
  2. Hi all, I never thought I would ever be an old guy but I guess it just happened, I’m 59 and I still can’t believe it! if you thought only young kids addicted to games, you’re wrong. I guess I played a few simple video games in the past, but I was under a lot of stress from work and looked for an escape. Instead of an escape the game(s) has become all consuming and taken over my life. I lost my job and this gave me even more time to play “invest” and feel obliged to contact community of the people playing the same games. it has deeply affected my life, my marriage has fell apart, my life is 95% gaming and I live on my own now in a foreign country (for the last 6 years). This has isolated me, so the gaming also filled voids and gives me friends. now part of me wants to stop, but my brain doesn’t and habits. I’m struggling but I think only way is probably “cold turkey” for me. I don’t have hobbies and real friends I can readily latch onto because I my life has been work work work and I have lived in different countries and travelled a lot, so I’m going to have to work on that. Also I need to understand if my failing marriage was a cause in me seeking gaming or is now a symptom of my game addiction. I think I used game as coping mechanism to avoid painful truths. So to stop gaming means I have to face them, that’s hard for me. I’ll check in here and see if anyone has similar experience and knows how to make first steps. oh Cam is great by the way , I’ve watched the videos and really impressed with him best of luck and take care Nix
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