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  1. Thanks for the interesting information. I recently started reading the Bible but didn't really pay attention to these lines. There is really something to think ...
  2. Сardio exercises help me. Also stick to intermittent fasting. It really helps me lose weight and feel great. The main thing is not to stop at the achieved result.
  3. Call of Duty. The graphics and details of this game is really blowing my mind. I feel like this is the best CoD game they made in a while
  4. I have been playing since childhood and it has already become my habit. I play online games even on my phone. I think it's a gambling addiction.
  5. Knowing what is important is communicating less with colleagues at work. At the very first place of work, I told a colleague about problems in my family. Unfortunately, a few days later the whole team knew about it. Now, in general, I try to communicate less with everyone at work.
  6. Personally, I am not a big supporter of the big conspiracy theory, but I think that the coronavirus was synthetically created. Although there are many ways to reduce the population of the planet.