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  1. Hey! Way to go day 5. These cravings, I found journaling to really help, writing down what you’re feeling and then why you want to quit. But keep it up, I’m rooting for you and also on day 5 🙂
  2. Theresa


    Day 5 Went to work like usual. Went swimming right after which was awesome. I had deleted discord to avoid anything associated with the gaming community but I really started missing chatting with some of the people so I reinstalled it. That made me really want to also download the pvp game to kick some of their asses ingame. I confess I miss being toxic and goofing off. After work with all its formality it was nice to go online and freak out...for one of the challenges Cam has us calculate our life expectancy...have 21,978 days left lol. Im gonna run or draw to fill up the time. Hope you
  3. This is fantastic advice.
  4. Theresa


    Day 4. No gaming but feel hella tired and miss the online “friends”....Someone gave me good advice. It’s alright and even good to acknowledge that you’re sad or scared or angry or grieving. True, someone in the world probably has it worse than you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accept that you are experiencing those emotions which are a natural response and perhaps even a remedial human process. I found gaming an excellent distraction and way to suppress sadness. It started when I was 10 and there was family trouble, I’d isolate myself in my room and play pony friends or something li
  5. Really really inspiring to see you hit day 40. Gives me a lot of hope! I also find running to be a great hobby. It really helps get rid of that energy that gaming seemed to expend. Good luck and stay strong.
  6. Theresa


    Hi not really into this online stuff but will give it a go for accountability and the great community...day 3 without gaming and feel really tired lol. I was able to exercise more and hang out with friends which was really good. Good luck to all of you out there!
  7. Do y’all feel tired after quitting? Maybe all that lack of dopamine contributes.
  8. Hi, I’m Tess. I graduated college last year during covid and picked up gaming like crazy this past year. I work as a kitchen supervisor and gaming has negatively impacted my social,work, and personal life. I realize I need to stop running and face reality. I’m really grateful to be part of this community with all of you!