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  1. Thanks for your reply, it feels good to see someone else understanding me. It was super hard today to close that last window. I had NGU Idle open. Those are the worst because they make you believe you can actually just have them on the side, but they end up hijacking your whole brain... I feel also very ashamed by the fact that those games are so simple and most people wouldn’t understand why I would even play them in the first place. I listened to pretty much all the gamequitters course and the expert bonuses not able to close the window, while playing this last time. My save is now g
  2. 요새 어떠신지 궁금하네요! 졸업 잘 하셨으면~ 화이팅하세요!
  3. I feel you about the persona you put on, nobody could tell also that I am a gamer because I became really good at hiding it. I understand how gambling, drugs or other addicts really can sometimes put on a show. I wish you luck!
  4. Hello, I am 33 years old now, I am lucky to have a quite successful life, I have several business working well, accomplished several of dreams I didn't know I was allowed to have and am quite happy with the state of life that I am in with now, except for one thing, I can't quit playing incremental, clicker games, while watching documentaries in another tab(I guess to make me feel less guilty about playing those games). When I was younger I skipped on year so I was always the little one in school, I didn't really know how to fit. I guess games gave me a home. I played Starcraft at a not too