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  1. Hey @UsualSuspect Make sure you find a psychologist that you feel a connection with. Not the number of certificates or whatever. Also, in my opinion, therapy is about finding yourself, listening to your own voice and making sure you, yourself, find your own solutions. It takes time to develop a good, trusting relationship with your shrink but also with yourself. So if you feel the relationship with the shrink is okay, give it time :).
  2. I say this with kindness: You're starting a turning point in your life as you're turning away of your own defense mechanisms that shielded you from all the miserable feelings. Does that sound like an easy thing to do? No, it is probably one of the hardest, but the most rewarding. You say it yourself, I need to grow up. Yes. You will grow up. That means taking the responsibility to do what your gut tells you. Stop gaming. Stopping gaming means coming into the world you are actually in, but avoid by playing games. Playing games makes you live in a 'safe bubble'. But that bubble is
  3. My story: First day - first journal. I've been journaling for a long while. Not every day, but nearly. I've been journaling about a lot but it always is about past pains that were pushed away back then. The way I journal is just brain dumping. So excuse my french if there is some swearing involved but a part of becoming myself, is about feeling my anger, hurt and sadness. When I journal, I just let go of any censoring and I go. I type. I try not to think 'hmm I should not say this'. So here we go. Past pains, past shit, past situations where I could not or did not
  4. Strong story. Very strong of you to be so honest. Your story is safe here. About that compulsiveness - I too have a compulsive habit. Not about masturbation but that doesn't matter. The cause is always pushing away / running away of very strong feelings. The thing that numbs it - for you masturbation, for others something else - is just a symptom of the pain. Take on the pain and the symptom disappears. You will succeed. You will.
  5. Hi all, I'm Peter, 29y old and I guess addicted to gaming in general but specifically to League of Legends. When I was young, my mother (father left) forbid me to play video games while all my friends could play. So when I was at a friend's house, I played so much and watched how everyone else just had fun together while I was the one who 'couldn't play' or 'wasn't good enough' cause they had practice and I did not. They also could play online together and I could not. Also, our computer was way too bad to play something on decent FPS rate. Long story short - gaming was the forb