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  1. This is my number 1 favourite album for being busy. Even when you are feeling out of energy or lazy, this music will get you going.
  2. The above artwork took about 20 minutes. I try to work on art about an hour a week. My aim is to draw 3 hours every day, but addiction has prevented me. At my peak I was drawing about 4-5 hours a day, that was between 1990 and 2001. Then I didn't draw for 10 years - I think the combo of 911, me breaking up with an e-mail girlfriend and a load of business work caused deep depression and it took a long while to get over it. It was only when I employed someone for my studio and they said they wouldn't take my advice as I wasn't an active artist, that I thought 'well that's easily solved' - and so started drawing again. One commission since then was doing 21 A3 inked drawings in 5 days. My hand felt like an SUV had driven over it multiple times, literally, and my back was in pain - but to finish a demanding commission was so fulfilling ..... and it paid well. ^^ My future projects that require artwork are - A series of videos for children A series of YouTube videos on the Bible that uses both animations and painted works An online 3D exhibition A website that is about the Bible and has illustrations throughout A comic called AmioZio - a fantasy sci-fi story An artbook - collection of artworks A Pose reference book for artists So games have been a major roadblock to making this a reality, but I think it's possible with the right support. I use Cinema4D, but am starting to learn Blender. I have Andrew's Cheat-sheet but am busy converting it into a single page as it isn't that usable in its current multi-page format.
  3. To Do's source images for a video compilation and process it DONE do another drawing for tomorrow's post as well as edit some old artworks DONE Been up since 3:30pm yesterday - it's now 10:30am Feeling a lot more positive about being productive. Uninstalled my 2 biggest time wasting games. On the way there.
  4. The settings I've changed for Steam are as follows - Hidden games Right click on Game > Manage > Hide this game Made Library view on startup default Settings > Interface > Second Drop-down menu change to Library Remove Steam startup Settings > Interface > Uncheck Run Steam when my computer starts Remove Steam notifications Settings > Interface > Uncheck Notify me about additions or changes to my games As I have application software installed via Steam, I cannot remove Steam. Uninstalling the games and taking the above steps is the only thing I can do.
  5. Thanks Tzen1 Stopping something is a mental process so action has to result from a decision. Maybe the important thing now is to see the difference between being productive and the non-productivity that comes from gaming. Apart from output there is the difference in satisfaction. The creative games I play are really satisfying, so that aspect has to be weighed against satisfaction from non-gaming productivity. So for me I need to focus on productivity that will result in a lot of satisfaction which will clearly beat gaming satisfaction, then mentally the decision should be straightforward. But maybe I should just go for it. ^^;;
  6. 88 weeks?! That's impressive!
  7. Well that's a relief. ^^ Actually I'm a very jealous person and get really twitchy, so decided it was probably best not to pursue a relationship. Once I made the decision the relief was amazing - not having to worry whether someone likes you or whether you're making a suitable appearance /impression.
  8. Thank you. I haven't actually quit yet but am in the process of throttling down. If I did suddenly quit completely I would probably go into system shock and need urgent medical attention. ^^
  9. My last date was in 1992 and it was blind date. Actually that's the only date I've ever been on.
  10. It's surprising that atheists exist. But it's because of peer pressure, neglect, arrogance or willingly wanting to be 'unique / original in thought' Why wouldn't one believe in God, seriously? The moon is the correct size, the sun is the correct size, the sun is the correct distance away from the moon and the moon the correct distance away from the earth that we see perfect eclipses. Ever thought of that? 4 perfect factors have to exist for that to be the case. (maybe the density and refraction index of earth's atmosphere are other factors) All creatures on earth are functioning optimally, without any struggling with the wrong shaped wings, or eyes that don't perform right. Look at the birds. All of them can glide. Now I've had plenty of experience creating virtual planes, researching aircraft, flying flight simulators and studying physics to know that things have to be perfectly setup for a bird to glide. Wing and tail size, angle and position, weight of bird, co-ordination, brain's computing power, etc. have to be perfect for things to function as we observe with bird-life. We have lots of birds around our house and they are all great gliders. Some don't choose to glide, but when forced to they get it right. We have storks and birds of prey that can glide for miles without flapping their wings once. This requires precision design. Any RC enthusiast will tell you this. If people are atheists, it's because they choose to be. The best way to get one's life right is to read the Bible every day. I'm glad some people here have recognised this. 🙂
  11. Post 1 - 8 July 2020 So one thing I haven't been doing lately is drawing as I've felt compelled to create new vehicles that perform certain feats in a game I'm currently addicted to. I watch some gamers on Youtube and feel I need to make things better than them, especially when they make mistakes or overlook improved functionality. Yesterday I watched a Korean artist in a live Youtube session and decided to draw along, so here's my first drawing in weeks. I have some projects that require artwork so it's crucial that I get back to drawing every day. Today I have to - source images for a video compilation and process it, create a 3D scene for a website, do some urgent billing that I've been putting off for the last few months, create some book study sheets in Corel Draw, do another drawing for tomorrow's post as well as edit some old artworks also need to photo and work an an art piece on my Mac - wanted to do it last week Monday
  12. Hi GQ'ers Nice to see this community. Games sure take a lot of time and that's what I'm trying to reclaim. Currently I have over 80 games on Steam and another factory game on Epic which I spent 400+ hours on. Over 4 years I've spent 1.6 hours every day playing games for a total of 2300+ hours. Not only is it time spent of gaming but time outs due to eye strain, headaches and resulting ADD. Initially I didn't mind some violence in games excusing it by saying I liked 3D worlds, which is true especially as most early 3D games had violence. Since then 3D games emerged that didn't have violence, specifically creative and survival games. These I really like a lot as solving problems and constructing things is so satisfying. So no need to play violent games any more. Although I have spent 369 hours playing Rust but this was because I love the base building, and have built some huge bases. I ignored the violent players and went about creating stuff. There is a 2 part self justification for these creative games. It feels like you're doing work You are learning things or using your mind. Both true, which makes them more dangerous as it's easy to excuse time wasted. So I've been making moves throughout this year to force myself to resolve issues in my life and to be a lot more productive. Without distractions I can be one of the most productive people you'll ever meet and it's a shame to see time wasted in this way over the last few years. Some things I've put in place - Regularly watching videos on work ethic and life / time management while making notes (The Atomic habits videos are great) Creating schedules and to-do lists Recently buying a Kindle so as to read and think more Keeping a diary Setting up a Wordpress site to keep track of all my projects Buying software that is helpful - Scrivener, Scapple, MindMapple Buying productive or work software instead of Games Making myself accountable for projects by telling or including others My profession is freelance designer, developer, coder & 2D and 3D artist and I spend a lot of time on not for profit work. I think this Journal idea is good so I'll post some entries when I remember to. I do suffer from Amnesia and am easily distracted, but hopefully I'll be regular. Forgive me if I don't return the favour by not posting comments on your journal - I have a lot of work commitments to see to, but appreciate notes and messages. May comment on others' posts if I get the chance.