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  1. WoW Classic is what I had in mind. I was playing Vanilla at the time, but never experienced the content of the endgame (was level 56 TBC start). Now I have the opportunity to relive the experience before level 60 and now experience the endgame as well. I'm currently level 31 (Warrior - Polemistes / Whitemane). Every level, quest, and mob pull feels so rewarding. It feels good to pull two mobs at once and survive! It is invigorating to draw three mobs and survive with 2 health remaining! It makes you want to push the limits to see how much you can really handle. Grinding classic wow gold is hard work! While in retail almost everything is handed over to you. And I love that aspect of Classic. So happy it's here. And if you like it, just play it, but just treat it as a game!
  2. There's a saying that change a habit takes at least 21 days, so step by step, do what you should do.
  3. Yep, i also spent a lot of money on gaming, but i know game is not my life, and i must quite it, back to normal life.
  4. But you have to try my friend, good luck