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  1. The addict inside me always tries to find a way to justify my behavior. Just one game, just one hour, just one more hit, just read one article - any where it can get a hold of me. One of the posts compares this to being an alcoholic and that's spot on. Fight the good fight, stay strong in your mind, keep busy.
  2. Relapse is that common they gave it a name. It's just part of the process - annoying and FRUSTRATING as that might be, but it is what it is. You mention the urge - can you define where it comes from? Does it stem from the emotional side of things like boredom/loneliness, frustration/anger or being a stay at home mom (hat off to you) are you tired? (I am lifting from this HOW TO QUIT THE POWER OF COMPUTER GAMING When I fight with my girl my emotions go all over the place and I don't need a reason to relapse, I just want to escape, hence do. The more I address my emotional state the quicker I heal.
  3. That's the ATTITUDE Get back up, which you have done, and fight the good fight! Win at the game of life. Wishing you the best.
  4. Both replies are amazing. Addicts don't need a reason, we need opportunity. Like an alcoholic, gambler, etc. Indeed it is the dopamine - just the rush and sensation which comes from it, but it is a falsehood to reality. You mention boredom, temptation and another point which correlates wit this: The Complete Guide on Breaking Your Gaming Disorder That is the emotional side of things. When I have a fight with my girl, the pain of the emotions which stir up inside make me want to escape, hence relapse. I am slowly, ever so slowly, learning how to confront those emotions and reducing relapse.