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  1. Friday, Saturday: Game free! Not journaling but I did them game free. So day 7, 8, OK! No more playing it easy though. I think I'm going to seriously crack down on my internet usage and internet blocking!
  2. Alright, so I guess my new definition of binge watching YouTube has to be that I don't consecutively watch videos for hours upon hours on end. So... I guess 1 video every hour for a maximum of four hours? I think this is a healthy rule... though I do need to set stricter guidelines for myself. Let's set those today, and I'll edit my main post to make sure to follow them. My goal is to develop a healthy relationship with YouTube because I do want to use it as a platform to help others (with my own videos), so here are some rules: 1) For now, no more than 1:30 hour of YT a day (and no more than 30 minutes at a time). We are going to log the YT time using a timer and keep track of it via notebook. 2) Games are prohibited on my devices. This means that I can play games at other people's home in a social aspect, to promote friendship. However, this also has limits, so maximum MAXIMUM I can do this is for 2 hours. Afterwards, suggest other activities to friends. 3) Use Cal Newport's todo/list! Day 6 without videogames/watching videogame-related content/binge watching YouTube content 0.5) Did you complete what you wanted to do from the day before?: I think so! I found my optimal schedule for classes. 1) 5 word summary of the day so far: in home all day... eep 2) good thing that I’ve done today: Finished an internship application! Hopefully it goes well 3) something to improve on: I think I need to work on spending more time on application. Overall, I think I need to work on giving it my 110% in certain projects... Like usually I give assignments my 75-85%, but I need to get to the 110% mark somehow. I usually rely on luck and probability, but huge preparation is necessary eventually. Let's work on this! 4) Something to work on for tomorrow: Record the trip! It's one that you won't forget 5) Summary of the day: Great! Procrastinated a little bit, but got an important thing out in the morning. Now I'm headed off to sleep early!
  3. Alright, so I'm a bit behind on my journaling so I filled in yesterday's journal a bit roughly. Today is Day 5, and I -did- watch YouTube. The content wasn't bad, but I really do know that I can't keep this up. I have to be more productive, so no more sweet talking myself. I'm going to make sure that I utilize some effective study tips that I found on YT and other sources, but these should hopefully let me jumpstart my academics again. Day 5 without videogames/watching videogame-related content 0.5) Did you complete what you wanted to do from the day before?: Nope. Tomorrow! Let's do this. 1) 5 word summary of the day so far: eh... we got this TODAY! 2) good thing that I’ve done today: relax! 3) something to improve on: discipline. Let's start tomorrow! Environment, 20 minute rule, 2 day rule... etc 4) Something to work on for tomorrow: schedule time appropriately! Fill out the calendar for when I get back to school. 5) Summary of the day: Relaxed, so ready to get back into academic mindset
  4. Hey dude! I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I've had an experience with selling off my gaming PC because I felt like it gave off too much temptation. I completely understand what you mean by the tricky part, because I always justified keeping the PC for "video editing", even though I only spent about 2% of my time video editing and the other 98% of the time doing unproductive things like YouTube or gaming. So last summer, I sold off my gaming PC and I can honestly say that it's quite liberating not to have that much power at your disposal. I agree with you when you mention that getting rid of your computer isn't going to solve your problems, but if you believe that the computer's negative impacts outweigh it's positive impacts, you should definitely let it go. However, if you want another option, I would highly recommend the software "Cold Turkey". They claim to be the "Toughest Website (and application) Blocker" so you could basically filter out all the entertainment to turn your PC into a productivity machine.
  5. Parents have their birthdays! Yesterday, and today. Kinda cool how they have really close birthdays. I spent a lot of time reading some romance novels yesterday- maybe not the most productive, but this is encouraging me to spend my upcoming semester at University to work on developing more relationships. I spent the last semester mainly just focusing on grades, but now even my parents are telling me to be a bit more loose haha. Will try my best! Day 4 without videogames/watching videogame-related content/binge watching YouTube content 0.5) Did you complete what you wanted to do from the day before?: No... 1) 5 word summary of the day so far: happy birthday parents! Good cake 🙂 2) good thing that I’ve done today: be present 3) something to improve on: discipline! 4) Something to work on for tomorrow: N/a (late, for today) 5) Summary of the day: was good!
  6. Woke up today a little bit late, don't know why but my body loves to sleep! I should probably show more restraint, but I'll forgive myself for today. However, we do need to be a bit more strict on sleep. Starting tomorrow, we are going to make it a habit to wake up at 7:30am regardless of when I sleep. Day 3 without videogames/watching videogame-related content/binge watching YouTube content 0.5) Did you complete what you wanted to do from the day before?: nope 😞 1) 5 word summary of the day so far: same as always (with rain) 2) good thing that I’ve done today: being present with my parents today! 3) something to improve on: UGH! Unfortunately, did not run. That changes tomorrow! 4) Something to work on for tomorrow: RUN! And schedule your day. Plus, make your calls to friends 5) Summary of the day: could've done better, but at least it's game free!
  7. I wish you the best for completing your objectives for the day! Starting programming sounds really cool, what language are you planning on learning?
  8. Hello! Thank you for checking out my introduction. My name is Kevin, and I'm a 20 year old student studying Law. My first ever experience with videogames was bitter sweet; I had a friend named David showed me his gameboy advance and on it, he was playing "Kirby & The Amazing Mirror". So, from the age of 5 or 6, I was hooked. Within a few weeks of pestering my Mom and Dad, I got one for Christmas and this started my (unfortunately long) journey with gaming. Eventually, I swapped Gameboy games for DS games, and then DS games for XBox games, but all of these platforms were missing something. I couldn't exactly play with others on these platforms (I had no friends on xbox), so my gaming usage remained unhealthy, but relatively stable. Well, that changed with the invent of online MMOs. Runescape was one of those games that sucked me in completely. I got hooked immediately; a place where you can meet friends, train skills, conquer the world? That was my kinda thing. I still vividly remember having 13-14 hour days dedicated to basically just playing Runescape. I somethings think to myself Why, like Why did Runescape have such a huge impact on me? Like most games, Runescape provided that immediate feedback loop of progress. You could actively track your experience, and this let you know how far you would be from your goal. Now, with things like running? Hah! So What if you ran a mile a day? You definitely couldn't see improvements in your cardio as immediate as MMOs. So, being the rational, ten year old boy that I was- I focused most of my time and energy on games. Now, this basically went on for YEARS and years. So from the age of 10, all the way to around 16-17, I spent my time gaming, thinking about gaming, fantasizing about gaming, strategizing about gaming... you name it. Luckily, all of this changed when I came across boyinaband's video titled "The Happiness Experiment". While this did not initially get me to quit gaming, it did start my journey on self-development. I'll link the video at the end of this introduction, but basically the premise of the happiness experiment is that you "bet" yourself to do a task, and give yourself such a horrible punishment that you would scare yourself into doing a task or habit. So, being the rational seventeen year old guy that I was, I created a bet with myself to donate my bank account's savings to a stupid organization. I forget which, but the point was that I didn't want that to happen. And... the experiment worked! I ended up with an exercise habit, and it has continued to this day. So, with a few years of trial and error, I finally have gotten to a self-development stage that I consider acceptable. However, gaming still runs deep in my blood. While my identity as a gamer has faded, it is not dormant, so my goal with this forum is to cut off videogames once and for all. Recently, over the past few weeks, I had a heavy relapse where I spent around 7-8 hours a day playing Minecraft with my friend. I justified it by saying that I was -technically- spending time with a girl, and that it could lead to a potential relationship. However, sitting there wasting away my day away started to create anxiety, which ultimately led me to do what every other rational twenty year old man would do- I threw away all my hours worth of items into a fire, and then killed my character. This surprisingly worked, and freed me from the gaming shackles once again. This time, I want to be proactive. I want to tackle my gaming addiction before it strikes again, and this forum is my way of doing so. I'm so extremely grateful that this forum has a wonderful community of likeminded individuals, and I'm excited to contribute to it. Thank you so much for reading this introduction, and I hope to see you around! ~Kevin The Happiness Experiment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEd4UW5f7s4
  9. Day 2 is finally here! Yesterday, I had -minor- slip ups, though I can say without a doubt that they aren't gaming related. I'm going to be a bit harsh on myself when I consider my YouTube usage, but that's only because I know how much time that consumes out of my day. To truly reap the benefits of quitting games, I know I have to cut down my YouTube usage as well. SOO... Day 2, here we come! Day 2 without videogames/watching videogame-related content/binge watching YouTube content 0.5) Did you complete what you wanted to do from the day before?: No, unfortunately. I have excuses, but also I should have no excuses. New rule is that we never skip two days, so tomorrow is definitely a run! 1) 5 word summary of the day so far: rain rain go away (please) 2) good thing that I’ve done today: called my high school spanish tutor! had a blast chatting with her 3) something to improve on: schedule out your day my dude! 4) Something to work on for tomorrow: pack up all of the non-essentials back into my suitcase! See what I might have to bring back? 5) Summary of the day: pretty nice, 6.5/10. Let's aim for higher and get that video edited tomorrow!
  10. WELL well well, I again WANT to make this Day 2, but my conscious is telling me that watching youtube unproductively counts as gaming. So, this is again... Day 1. To set official rules for myself, my use of YouTube must be: 1. Intentional (meaning that I knew exactly want I wanted to watch ie. to learn) 2. Under 15 minutes (so it takes up minimal time out of my day) and 3. Maximum of 2 videos every day (who honestly needs more than that? A YouTube addict.) So without further ado... DAY 1. (Attempt 3, but ya know, might as well document my failures right?) Day 1 without videogames/watching videogame-related content/binge watching YouTube content (i think i am FINALLY specific enough to satisfy my standards) 0.5) Did you complete what you wanted to do from the day before?: YEP! I slept at around 10:30 (surprisingly!) and woke up today at around 8:20. I was quite a bit sleep deprived, so it made this easy, but the bigger challenge is to keep this up. I'm going to try to sleep at around the same time again (10:30 - 11pm) and reset my alarm for 7:30am. My dream wakeup time 1) 5 word summary of the day so far: doggo is ready for emergencies 2) good thing that I’ve done today: I've actually been cutting off YouTube for a large portion of today! It's 7:00pm and compared to yesterday, I've decreased a lot of my youtube time. However, now the goal is to start scripting a bit better for another video! Running today was also awesome, since we haven't ran in quite a while. Performance is a bit worse for wear (went from running 10k a day to barely being able to run a mile... damn haha) but it should scale up! 3) something to improve on: Spend less time on reddit. Sheesh, we subsituted a portion of our youtube time for reddit time! It seems as if I keep on alternating bad habits. Something like digital minimalism might work again for me... will think more heavily on this. Likely will try digital minimalism again, but with a few twists. I think the biggest issue is that I need to find meaning in the work that I do, and maybe start setting deadlines. I don't know... literally writing out my thought process now, but I think that I should utilize the calendar a lot more. I'm going to prepare for tomorrow by scheduling out my day, with needed rest and exercise. I think this is the move. 4) Something to work on for tomorrow: Have the day scheduled out, and commit to it! Go for a small, two mile run. It really sucks that our cardio reverted back to normal, but we can do it! It'll scale up again, I'm sure of it. 5) Summary of the day: Great! You did awesome 🙂
  11. As much as I’d like to count today as Day 2, I realized that watching a lot of videogames is just as harmful as playing the game itself; it takes away from time that could be better spent elsewhere. So, I guess today is the OFFICIAL Day 1. Day 1 without videogames/watching videogame-related content (i guess I should’ve been a bit more specific with this) 0.5) Did you complete what you wanted to do from the day before?: Yes! I built my school calendar, but while I may still change classes around at least I have a framework set 1) 5 word summary of the day so far: damn, DMV is really slow 2) good thing that I’ve done today: I’ve been very present, and utilizing this break well by spending needed time with my parents! 3) something to improve on: GAH! YouTube. It’s the biggest issue in the room, and while I am not technically gaming, this is where my time is being sucked. To improve on this, I am going to start monitoring my YT time with “ScreenTime”, and also remind myself of better things I can be doing (video editing, running) 4) Something to work on for tomorrow: reset my sleep schedule today (sleep at 12:30am, and then we’ll continue to shave it off until we reach 11:30pm) 5) Summary of the day: Not the worst, but definitely could use a lot more improvement. The biggest thing is siphoning off YouTube time and replacing it with Deep Work/ more productive things. Will be working on this tomorrow!
  12. Thank you so much for the welcome! Drastic actions like selling everything gaming related really does do wonders for you sometimes, huh? One day, I know that I'll have to train my mental discipline muscle to prevent future relapses on stronger devices/PCs, but for now having this physical restriction works. I'm excited to continue journaling, and it's nice to meet a friendly soul on here! Let's do our best to keep up the good work 🙂
  13. Hey Tbunge! Congrats on starting your journal! I 100% get what you mean when you say how MMORPGs (specifically Runescape) could set you up with extreme dosages of dopamine. Runescape was one of those games that sucked you in the moment you joined, so I'm glad you escaped it (albeit you swapped it with another MMO haha). It's awesome that you found an alternative to video games with BJJ, and I hope you keep that up! A small known fact, but video game companies hire real psychologists to basically "program" us into continuously playing their games. We can't let them win! I can see you taking control of your life, so stay strong and keep up the journaling! 🙂
  14. Day 1 without games 5 word summary of my day: relaxed, and finally game free good thing that I did today: spent time with my family, and got to do some constructive building today something I could've worked on: next time, let's get prepped for a growth mindset! Start doing some deep work, and find love in something other than the internet. something to work on tomorrow: rebuild my school calendar schedule! In summary, I think today went well! Of course, the video game addiction is really going to hit later down the road but this is a strong start.
  15. THE TEXT BOX IS NOW WORKING! WOOH! Okay, so to preface this journal I'd like to give a small introduction! My name is Kevin, and I'm currently a third year student studying in university. While recently I have been fairly diligent when it comes to academics and studying, I find myself falling into the same video game addiction cycle during my breaks, and occasionally during school too. It's almost as if every time I fall into the gaming black hole, I put my life on pause. Eating, Sleeping, Hygiene, and a lot more turn into a secondary objective as I focus every waking second on whatever game I'm playing. And I hate it. Even more so because I've seen the benefits of quitting videogames! I came out of highschool thinking that I would become a fast food restaurant worker, because I thought that I wasn't smart and that I could never amount to anything. However, through strategic decisions like throwing away all my in-game items to drastic decisions like selling my gaming PC, I've managed to do well at my college courses. Now, I think I'm going to have to face the elephant in the room and confront my gaming addiction once and for all, going cold turkey and making sure I don't relapse. I don't think this journey will be easy, and I'm sure I'll fail a lot. But I'm glad I have a platform to document it! I'm excited to start this path, and today will mark Day 1! My 5 minute template: Day X without videogames/watching videogame-related content/binge watching YouTube content 0.5) Did you complete what you wanted to do from the day before?: 1) 5 word summary of the day so far: 2) good thing that I’ve done today: 3) something to improve on: 4) Something to work on for tomorrow: 5) Summary of the day: