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  1. Yeah that was weird 👽 Well iam not watching any star wars at the moment (i ofcause watched all the movies) but at the moment i just try playing the theme song. Sadly iam defenitly not super handsome(that would be real nice) but tinder is kind of the only option if you want some booty.
  2. Day 12: Despite the chinese spammer invasion here today iam here again once more. So originaly i planed to be super productive today buuut it came different then planed. I felt quite exhausted i think the last week of exam prep was maybe more straining then i thought it was. I also was super sore from the 2h walk yesterday. So i couldnt push myself to do much. so i just didnt. So just eating nice food and binge watching series today not ideal but whatever i think i earned that. Atleast i did my usual yoga in the morning and i went skating in the evening. Tomorrow will be more productive! Week 2 goals : - Finish Startrek them start a new piece ⬛ First half of star wars is done but secondhalfis harder and will take a bit longer - Finish resume ⬜ Nope i was lazy today - Finish exam 2 prep ⬛ Wrote it so thats done. - restart work on Master thesis ⬜ Nope i was lazy today - improve Tinder profile ⬜ Probably have to wait on this till next week until a friend comes back and helps me with photos
  3. One week! Whooo nice work so far! And also good doing some studing the haredst part is often to just start.
  4. Day 11: Hallo you all. yesterday i thought today would be Day 5 all over again - lots of free time with nothing anything to do but to crave for gaming. But nothing could be further from the truth. This was probably the best day since i started the detox! Day started as it always does - yoga. Still amazed by this stuff. Then i wrote exam 2. It went okish wasnt amazing but i think its good enough. This was my last exam - ever (well atleast in university) feels realy good to be so close to the finish line. Then i went shoping for a yoga mat but those ones in the store all kind of looked crappy so amazon it is. Then i came home ate lunch and watched a bit netflix. I decided to spoil myself today and give myself a day off today since the exams are now done. But to avoide the situation of just sitting around i already had a plan. There is a sailing club i wanted to checkout near the town - its quite a journey to get there but that was kind of the point. I kind of hoped to find someone there to ask if i could maybe help out a bit and learn a fewthings about sailing. But i didnt realy expect anyone to be there the whole thing was more about getting out of the house. The way there also involved quite a long walk. As expected nobody was there when i showed up but it was worth a try and it was a nice little adventure - i was never in this part of town since its quite out of the way. After getting back i thought about which song to play next and looked for notes. And since we got Star Trek last time i thought it would be fitting to go with Star Wars next. I went and printed the notes at the university and went grocery shopping. At this point it was already getting quite late - originaly i wanted to go skating but there wasnt even time for that today time just flew and my feet also did hurt like hell after the long walk to the sailing club. Then i played cello - the star wars theme is suprisingly simple just need to memorize the notes a bit more. I will probaly need a new piece before the week ends. Then dinner and the day was already pritty much over. Time just flew today i was active just felt great. Week 2 goals : - Finish Startrek them start a new piece ⬛ Started Star wars them - seems to be quite easy - Finish resume ⬜ Nope took a day off today - Finish exam 2 prep ⬛ Wrote it so thats done. - restart work on Master thesis ⬜ Nope took a day off today - improve Tinder profile ⬜ Probably have to wait on this till next week until a friend comes back and helps me with photos
  5. This cat will be very happy from now on. You will have so much time to cuddle with her!
  6. Day 10: Whooo double digits party! Today was anoying.Thats the best wayto describe it - i mean i knew it would be sitting through 10h of video content of a lecture that is 70% linear algebra is not great fun. But it had to be done and now its finished. Exam preperation for exam 2 is officaly done. Well there wasnt much going on except repeating the lecture today as you might imagine. I did my normal yoga and cello, the star trek piece is basicly finished at this point i have to get a new piece not sure what yet. Iam a bit worried for tomorrow afternoon. When the exam is done everything that hast to be done immediately will be done and i basicly have a bunch of free time. As you all know thats no good for not gaming. I can ofcause go for a skate and i also want to go in the city and buy a few things but thats not gonne cut it for long. Not sure yet what to do about that. Week 2 goals : - Finish Startrek them start a new piece ⬛ Star trek is essentialy done need a new piece for tomorrow - Finish resume ⬜ Nope only lecture watching alll day - Finish exam 2 prep ⬛ Done! - restart work on Master thesis ⬜ Nope only lecture watching alll day - improve Tinder profile ⬜ Nope only lecture watching alll day
  7. Day 9: So the day of Exam 1 has come. Day started with yoga again. I am still amazed every times how good you feel after it. Then i packed all my stuff together and went to write the exam - all went quite well :-). Normaly the rest of a exam day is prime gaming time since there is nolonger anything super important to do and exams are quite exhausting. But not today - i made some lunch then i wanted to continue with exam 2 preperation but i couldnt quite get my concentration up so i took a little 15min nap. After then exam 2 prep continued tillthe evening. I went Skating today. My patched skating jeans did hold up suprisingly well maybe stiching is my secret talent. Then dinner and Cello. The full star trek them sounded actully quite decent for the fist time. After that even more exam 2 prep. I now complete summerizing and learning everything. But to catch up on some detailsi will have to review 10h of video recordings of the lecture tomorrow/rest of today. Last time i just played games while doing so and that worked great. Just watching it will probably drive me slightly crazy. Oh well only one day. Week 2 goals : - Finish Startrek them start a new piece - Finish resume - Finish exam 2 prep - restart work on Master thesis - improve Tinder profile
  8. Day 9: Ok i woke up with quite a bit of a headache which kind of worried me since i wanted to do the final touches on the exam 1 prep (exam is tomorrow). But then i did yoga as planed to do on day 7. And to be honest that stuff is actully amazing. Headache went away i was awake and energy loaded. To be honest i realy didnt expect yoga to be this good i mainly started it do pass same time and found the concept of it kind of stupid but man that stuff is great. Even if i would relapse into gaming iam gone keep this morning yoga routine in my life thats great! Ok then final repetions for exam 1 (which is tomorrow). After that lunch and then quite a lot of exam 2 prep - more then i thought i would get to today which is nice. Normaly now would skating come but i dont go skating the day before a exam just in case i break my legs - would be kind of shitty to learn all that time just to be in hospital that day. So no skating today. Then Dinner and Cello as usual --> got started on the second half. And after that more exam 2 prep. Week 1 goal Results : -Couldnt quite finish the star trek piece if i didnt had that horrible day 5 were i didnt play i might have been able to but no problem its gone be done early next week - That was a bit dissapointing only got once out for skating instead of the minimum of 2 but was a bit out of my controll with the weather BUT i picked up yoga which is suprisingly great - Exam prep did work extremly well it helps having a bunch of time to kill not gaming its also so much easyer to just start instead of procastinating if gaming is not a option - Did a bit work on the resume but not as much as i would have liked i its a realy annoying work and procrastinating is quite common here gone need to work on that (propably the bigest dissapointment this week) - No Progress but progess wasnt planed would have been nice to get something done but if not no problem
  9. Day 8: OK so now its offical: One week without gaming. It wasnt as bad i thought it might get but at times it was quite hard. It was much more productive then i thought i would be which is nice :) but the relaxation is still a problem. I have still problems just to chill and to start the day efficently. Ok now back to the journal. Occational i have painfull cramps in my stomach its not fun but not dangours said my doctor. Well at 4 am i woke up and the pain started it lasted to 8 am sooo not a particular restfull night. I went then back to bed and got the rest of the needed sleep. So my day started later then normal and my stomach felt kind of weird all day. As a result the day wasnt very productive. But i started the day with yoga as planed yesterday. Then did some final preperations for the first exam. And then wanted to go for a skate but again as soon i got the inliner on a thunderstorm started outside. At this point i think my skates are some kind of vodo raindance. Well then i changed to dinner and then Cello practice. I even recorded the first half of star trek voyager. There is one super wrong note but it gives you a impression: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0DLNlD3ZHok Weekly goals : - learning a new Cello piece (the star trek voyage them) ⬛ First half sound ok now the second half is needed - Going skating atleast 2 times better 3 ⬛ Didnt went skating because of thunderstorm(again) but atleast morning yoga - Doing the preperation for my last 2 exams in university ⬛ did a bit for exam 1 not as much as i would have liked - creating a resume for first post graduate applications ⬜ No Progress stomach made me quite unproductive so nothing here - Maybe some work on the Master Thesis ⬜ No Progress
  10. Day 7: The day started out not soo great didnt sleep great. As a result i couldnt realy get myself to do much in the first half of the day. But i learned from Day 5 instead of just trying to get stuff done and decreasing my mood and performance i made a realy nice(and unhealth but who cares ) lunch and took a little nap after lunch. The nap did wonders and in the afternoon i got started on Exem 2 Prep. It wasnt to difficult and iam mostly done Exams next week should be fine. From now on its only improving so the grade gets better. My best friend did shoot me a massage were i am and why wasnt there in the evening to you know - play games. We talked for a while and i explained him that i wont come back for atleast 3 Month and thati wanted to reduce the influance gaming has on my life. I didnt tell him right at the start because i wasnt sure how far in the detox i would make it but since he asked it was time to tell him. After that i originaly wanted to go for a round of inline skating but at this moment a thunderstorm started outside and i prefer to not getting hit by thunder strikes. So no skating today. Instead i tryed my second round of yoga - still suprising how exhausting that is i always thought it was just a little relaxation inner peace hippy girl thing. Turns out its real sport who knew? Then it was time for cello practice - that didnt go so well today most of te stuff sounded like rubish... but progess was made anyway first half of star trek is now fluent. Change in Routine From tomorrow onwards i will go for yoga in the morning instead of doing all sport at the evening. I have problems to "boot up" in the morning before i am fully able to be productive i will try the new yoga start to hopefully accelerate this process. I will see how it works. Weekly goals: - learning a new Cello piece (the star trek voyage them) ⬛ Sounded like rubish today but first half is fluent - Going skating atleast 2 times better 3 ⬛ Didnt went skating because of thunderstorm but second time yoga - Doing the preperation for my last 2 exams in university ⬛ Exam 2 prep mostly done - creating a resume for first post graduate applications ⬛ I will maybe do something after writing this befor going to bed - Maybe some work on the Master Thesis ⬜ No Progress
  11. Thx for the kind words thats realy nice of you :). You are correct i have panty of goal/achievement based activities but i have found that doing those all day is not realy viabale. Its just to exhausting especially mentaly. And i still havent found a relexing activty that isnt to mentaly taxing and that is still interesting. Just netflix/youtube is sligtly to boring but reading is to exhausting after my regular day :( . Not yet sure what to do about that.
  12. Day 6: First a quick follow up to yesterday: I didnt relapse(yeay). Instead of starting a game i started up netflix and graped needle and thread sewed a few ripps in my sport jeans that i just for skating that was quite relaxing. After that it was time to sleep .. and that was the end of that stupid day. Day 6 started out much better i sleept better that night. I started the day with a bit of reading then i finished the last 10% of exam 1 prep. Then a bit of netflix and idling - but learning from yesterday i soon changed to something more engaging --> practicing note reading. Then it was time for dinner after that Cello play. Caluses got better so no pain from playing but since i didnt practiced yesterday the progress on the Star Trek piece is not as far as i would have hoped -- probably not gone finish it this week. But maybe i record a game of thrones piece this week. After that i started work on my resume - kind of a anoying work to be honest but it has to be done. And after that i tryed yogo for the first time and holy shit i thought it would be a easy grils sport but my gosh that stuff is hard and exhausting. And my whole spine feels now as if it got sorted new not sure if thats a good thing ^^ Weekly goals: - learning a new Cello piece (the star trek voyage them) ⬛ Progress was made we now sit at about 33% done sadly not as far as i would have hoped - Going skating atleast 2 times better 3 ⬛ Didnt went skating but i tryed yoga for the first time ever! - Doing the preperation for my last 2 exams in university ⬛ Exam 1 is done, Exam 2 prep will start tomorrow - creating a resume for first post graduate applications ⬛ Started work on the resume not much but a nice start - Maybe some work on the Master Thesis ⬜ No Progress Edit: thx Fawn_xoxo fot the idling advide and the kind words :)
  13. Day 5: Man what a shitty day. I didnt sleep well and started to get a headache half way through the day. As outlined yesterday that today was a day off for me. I just wanted to relax and chill but thats quite hard if you cantjust start up a game and loose yourself in it. The headache didnt help with that.... I went out for a walk but as i got back and got in confi cloth and set down in my gaming chair the desire to just start up a game and relex was extrem i was so clooooose to just playing a little aram in lol or something. But i didnt do it - yet. Later in the day i started to clean the appartment that helped to lighten my mood quite a bit --> lesson learned always start your day with something productive otherwise the rest of the day seems to be shitty. But Iam still thinking about just starting up a game and if this whole quitting think is not just a stupid idea... probably not gone happen but the thought is stillthere. I am quite tired probably gone go to bed early today.
  14. Hey for the programming practice: Dont try to read to much the fastest way to learn is by solving problem. There are sites outthere that have coding challenges in all kinds of languages and at all skilllevels if you dont have real world problems you want to solve right now. You will come back to the book if you have a specific problem that you cant find the solution but until then reading it is not super usefull since you will probably forgett most of it.
  15. Day 4: Hmm how to start. Today was a bit odd to be honest. It was probably the first day i felt something missing the desire to just start up a game was (and still is) quite strong. The Problem was mainly that I riped through the exam preperation for the day and are now 90% done for exam 1 and everything i wanted to do was done at 16:30. And thats were the problems started i had now a bunch of freetime to avoide sitting around i went out to inlineskate which took with showering about 1h then a bit of doing nothing and it was time for dinner. Then Cello -> Star trek them is comming along i would say iam 25% there but as it turns out not only did my note reading skills deteriorate over the 2 month not played but my calluses(Calli?) also went away which makes playing for longer periods now quite painfull ... anoying but they will come back soon. Problems: -->I realy fear tomorrow. I planed the exam preperation timeline before i decided to quite gameing as a result i planed in 3-5 Days of free time for gameing in my schedule and still be fine for the exam. This is now a problem. Tomorrow i basicly have a free day, the 10% of preperation for exam 1 is maxmum gone take 2h and its not sensable to already start prepering for exam 2 i will just forget half of it and would need to do it again. There are a few things i can like cleaning the appartment and working on the resume but its still gone be rough. Weekly goals: - learning a new Cello piece (the star trek voyage them) ⬛ Progress was made we now sit at about 25% done if it sounds decent i might record and upload it :) - Going skating atleast 2 times better 3 ⬛ I went skating even though it was out of desperation and bordem but this means i have one activty less tomorrow :( - Doing the preperation for my last 2 exams in university ⬛ Exam 1 is basicly done and Exam 2 prep will start a bit later to not forget everything - creating a resume for first post graduate applications ⬜ No real progress but thats something for tomorrow - Maybe some work on the Master Thesis ⬜ No Progress i might do something tomorrow if iam realy desperte
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