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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your story. I just wanted to mention that although the respawn program is helpful for motivation and as a reference, money isn't a barrier to entry for the 90 day detox. In essence, the detox program is simply no video games - period - for 90 days. Respawn helps break down this process, particularly by encouraging you to find productive replacements for video games, but I don't believe its necessary for the detox. Episode 14 https://gamequitters.com/14/ of the gamequitters podcast might be a good place to start.
  2. Hi Morgan, Thanks for your post. I'm about a week into the 90 day detox, and I'm definitely struggling with the idea of "no gaming forever. period." You mentioned that you've done a few detoxes(impressive!). I'm wondering what your gaming habit was like between detoxes. As in, after the first detox, when you went back to gaming, was it as serious a habit as before that detox? How long were the intermittent periods of gaming before you again decided not to game? Is it a challenge discussing this process with your wife and family? My girlfriend has never really had any interest in gaming, and when I mentioned quitting gaming cold turkey, she had some trouble understanding the challenge. "Why don't you just stop playing so much?" was her first reaction, although now shes more sympathetic ? Thanks again!
  3. Hi Matt, Civ games and the Sims can definitely give you that "measurable progress" feeling. Particularly with the Sims, I'd sometimes feel "jealous" of how productive and successful and happy my sims were !?
  4. This is something I'm struggling with. I havn't committed fully to any of the new hobbies I'd like to try out, and so my daily planner is basically empty except for a few appointments. I also work from home, and its a challenge for me to actually get started. Good for you!
  5. Exactly how I feel! I'm definitely interested in this, I've tried to start meditating in the mornings as a habit, but the pull of gaming was always stronger.
  6. I've just started my 90 days, and its great to see an example of success! When you said you've quit Youtube as well, is it to the same extent as you have quit games? 100% and cold turkey?
  7. Hi, I'm a student from Canada looking to quit gaming. I've developed this bizarre habit of simultaneously playing low concentration/instant gratification games (like clicker games, simple collection games, Forager is a prime example) and listening to podcasts. I feel like it's all I want to do at any point in the day. When I'm not doing this I have trouble concentrating, am easily frustrated with my girlfriend and am extremely bored. I believe that listening to podcasts at the same time is giving me some kind of false impression that I'm learning something, and therefore my time is being spent well. I often convince myself that I'm only playing these games in order to occupy my hands and eyes while listening to podcasts, but I don't have any real retention of what I've listened to, and often play the same podcasts on repeat. Hoping this forum can help, looking forward to getting to know you!
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