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  1. 2 hours ago, The radtech said:

    I feel so damn awkward while talking to somebody and trying to keep a conversation going

    It's OK, it gets better with time and practice. At least for me it did. I used to be an introvert, and I still have my moments, but with time I learnt to find joy in social events. Its mostly about feeling the other person and keeping her interested, at least while you are also interested.

    Keep rocking, you are doing fine.

  2. Plans work, keep planning

    Time is relentless. Whether or not you accomplish your goals, it will never stop. If you are not getting the results you want, you must act upon whatever you have control over and try to change things. People will constantly try to get some of your time to themselves and, if there's a choice for you, you must decide if it's worth to give it away.

    Half of my objectives for the day were completed. Did the revision, which took me more time than I anticipated it would, did French, wrote a little bit. Didn't to the reading and note taking, which is postponed for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon will see me going out with GF, she wants to go to a traditional festival we have this time of the year. I'm not fond of that festival, but she is important to me and it's for her that I'm going, and I'm going to be a pleasant company. To compensate, I'll wake up earlier to do more stuff in the morning. Will also do some more French late morning.

    Also did some poetry today, although the result didn't quite please me. It's Ok, the streak is good for itself, although I'm not worried about it, as keeping it isn't even an objective of mine. I keep writing everyday as an exercise and a hobby. Of course, some days are better than others. And, as a bonus, I think I'm getting better at editing images. Petty edition on paint.net, yes, but it's something I never thought I would enjoy as much as I am.





    Onward and content.

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  3. Plans needed

    I did not plan my day yesterday. Resulting of this, I didn't do anything productive today, except for writing poetry, which is fine but doesn't advance any of my long term goals. THIS. NEEDS. TO. CHANGE.

    Tomorrow, my day will start with a revision of my thesis' project, followed by some related reading and note taking. Late morning will see me doing some French lessons. Afternoon will be about writing my thesis all along. Only after 17h is that I'm allowed to browse news and write anything unrelated to my thesis.

    I have a plan and I follow it through. That's what I am, now. That's what I do.





    Onward and determined.

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  4. A little sad for someone I never met

    Didn't do much on my thesis today. I should rectify this tomorrow. Did some poetry, at the very least.

    On the news today was a girl called Noa Pothoven. Really sad story, and for many reasons. Can't even begin to fathom what kind of pain could led someone so young to have her assisted suicide approved by family and medics.

    Will keep it short. Going to meditate on life and plan what I'm going to do tomorrow.

    Still onward.

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  5. Absolute poetry rhymes absolutely

    No joke. Well, half-joking, maybe. Thing is: for my thesis I write mostly about politics. Otherwise I write some verses here and there. And it seems to be working pretty well for me, as a way to balance things out. Today I finished sorting my sources out. I have a huge spreadsheet with links and titles to refer too whenever I need them, and any new one can go directly there. No more 1000 tabs open, slowing down the browser, no more "where did I put that bookmark?". Now I'll focus my efforts on writing the damn thesis, once and for all!

    Whenever I'm not at it, though... creative writing. And maybe some photography, but nothing too fancy. I set up a gig on Fiverr to sell poetry hoping to earn some extra buck, but I have low expectations about it since I have no means to promote it. Matters not. Whatever comes, I'll take. If nothing comes, I'll write for myself. Just because I can.

    Onward, word by word!

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  6. Cracking fingers

    Today I relaxed a lot about my thesis, and shouldn't do it again so soon. I spend the whole day looking into freelancer platforms and working on some artistic texts. I can't afford to lose focus like that again, my main priority isn't to go after the Nobel on literature, is to write my damn thesis!

    At least the flu is almost over, no major coughing crisis today, only minor events. Finally.

    GF came, we watched Chernobyl together, mostly, as she falls asleep sometimes. I think the liquidators will get her hooked, next time.

    As promised, I'll show the work I did yesterday. Here it is:



    I'm particularly proud of the pic, but the sonnet isn't too shabby. What do you think?

    Onward and proud-ish.

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  7. 6 hours ago, Ikar said:

    I also fully realized my breakup made my rule of thumb towards women to "be responsible" rather than "be nice". "Niceness over everything" basically nailed the last relationship I had. Responsibility is also easier to act out and clearer cut.

    Balance. My experience is that everyone likes nice people, but that definitely there is being too nice. As such, be nice to yourself before you can be nice to someone else. Learn to say no, and to draw a line. But be reasonable. When you are nice to other people, it increases their chance of them being nice to you in return. And we are in dire need of niceness in the world today. Children look up to nice people, seniors usually are thankful for nice people. And if niceness cannot accomplish something, aggressiveness probably won't either.

    Stay sharp, stay strong.

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  8. 15 hours ago, The radtech said:

    what do you guys do to grab yourselves by the neck and force yourselves to get things done

    Motivation doesn't come by itself. Your metaphor is perfect, you have to grab yourself by the neck, because YOU are your motivation. You have to find what is it that makes you get out of bed everyday, and only you can do that. No one can point out it for you. There has to be something. You know it's not video games, else you wouldn't be here. I like to use Simon Sinek's phrasing, even though it's taken from an analogous, but different issue: he says "find your WHY". It's not what you do and how you do it that will motivate you. It's WHY.

    Is there something around you that you want to change? Maybe there's something on your house that you would like to fix but never quite found the time. Maybe there's something about you that you would like to change. Maybe something on your neighborhood... Start with what's around you, within your reach, and do it. Make a plan, rationalize what you need to make it through, schedule your actions, measure progress, change the course of action when there's no result, keep the course of action when t gives results. Be methodical, deliberate and don't worry about making mistakes.

    And remember, effective change comes with small and incremental steps. Not big leaps, not now-and-then action, those will most likely set you back to the zero square sooner or later. Small and incremental. The most radical thing you have already done, which is: you decided you want to change. From here you can go everywhere.

    Find your why, and take deliberate action on it with small and incremental steps. That's what I've been doing for myself, and it is working. Hope it helps.

    Stay strong.

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  9. 14 hours ago, James Good said:

    The Complete Poetry Works of A. M. Bassador

    HA! That gave me a good laughter, thank you! Well, who knows! I have little stomach to practice law, but I still need to eat...

    And, hey, English isn't dumb, it just need a good spelling reform, I guess. Funny how it managed to go without any major one.

    Thank you for your support, @James Good!

  10. Looks like Lady Creativity is back

    I've been really inspired, these days. I've always been a creative person, since childhood, but gaming... it didn't take it away, but it... I guess it drained my creativity, that would be focused on gameplay. You know, finding ways to beat a level, finding ways to solve specific game problems, finding new strategies, all those things actually require a lot of creativity. But it's, let's say, applied creativity, kind of mechanical and conditioned. It's different from writing, or taking pictures.

    But these days I've been recovering that creativity I once had, that artistic curiosity, that itchy for making something yours, something unique. Today, specially, was a particularly good day on that front. I did very little work on my thesis, but it's OK, I gave myself that free pass. I was more interested in something else. And I did create something I did enjoy, not just for the result of it, but actually for the whole process of making it. It still need a final polishing, but I think I'm gonna put it in here afterwards. Game Quitters community sparked my light again, it's only fair that I show it what it resulted on.

    The flu is almost going away, just a little coughing persists, but I'm pretty sure I'll be fine soon. My GF, on the other had, got sick. She's not too bad, but it means we couldn't see each other today, and will probably not see each other probably until Wednesday. ?

    Anyway, that's all for today, a less short entry.

    Onward and inspired!

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  11. Acknowledge the bad feelings and realize they won't make you move in the right direction, only in the wrong one. To keep in the right direction as you have been moving recently, you need to discard those feelings. And don't measure your self worth based on anything that comes from social media. You know you have been doing great recently. You will not let superfluous things keep you from getting were you want to go. Stay strong. Keep working on your goals as you have been.

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  12. Inspired

    Another good work day. Did basically everything I intended to. Still sick, though. Coughing my lungs out. Damn flu doesn't want to go away. Will stay quieter tomorrow and see if I can just recover faster with that.

    Today was such a good day it even inspired me to write some poetry, something I don't do for quite some time... not saying it's good poetry, though. Honest, rough, a little forced rhymes. No iambic pentameter, no, nothing fancy like that. I can barely spell, let alone count stressed syllables. Besides, English syllables are weird.

    Keeping short today, also.

    Onward and rhyming
    awkward, blimey!

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  13. 23 hours ago, NannerZ said:

    I take melatonin almost every day, sometimes it helps. I think it's something in my head. Each evening when I think about sleep I begin to worry like "I hope I sleep tonight" "If I don't sleep how will I function tomorrow?" and I cannot relax. It's frustrating. If it continues I will need to go see a doctor. Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it. And thanks for the support

    To the best of my knowledge, the frustration and the pressure only make it harder for you to fall asleep. Try unplugging yourself for quite a while before your bed time and do some calm activity in the meantime. Reading or meditation is always what people recommend. And when you are laid down, don't pressure yourself to sleep if it doesn't happen. Try the technique of putting your attention towards your breath, and breath slowly and deeply, or try to imagine yourself on a peaceful place that you would like to be and make it as vividly as possible. That's all the things I can recall having read about. Experiment for a while and see if some of this helps.

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  14. Good Friday

    Getting better from the flu. No more fever and ache, just a little coughing and some stuffy nose, and that's about it. Did good work today, also. Hope I can put on a streak of accomplishment to really get things going faster.

    Had GF over to watch a movie. Good fun, she's such a good company. Dunno if I would be able to hold steady without her support, I'm thankful for that.

    Will keep it short today.


  15. 8 hours ago, Ikar said:

    I cleaned my car only halfway through, as it just started raining when I was in the middle of it!

    Oh, yeah. Isn't it always convenient? Weather gods must have a terrible sense of humor.

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  16. Getting better feels great

    Still sick, this flu ain't gonna give me a break so soon, it seems. But today it didn't stop me from doing my stuff, either. Managed to work throughout the day and, probably because of that, I'm feeling great now. Still coughing, still feverish and broken, but great nonetheless! Almost finished organizing my sources, wrote a little bit, figured out some stuff I was planing to. Today was a good day overall. I hope I can carry out this momentum for tomorrow.

    Weird. Either I work better with a stuffy nose, or the extra effort I had to put today really motivated myself. Could it be the case that I'm aiming too low and thus not having the pressure that could drive me to work relentlessly? I definitely have aimed to high in the past, maybe I'm now too afraid to commit the same mistake. Dunno. Will have to think on that... Meanwhile, will keep the plans unchanged.

    Onward we go!

  17. Exactly! I hadn't thought that, it really is fitting to anything that's hard to learn and master! It really gives me some new perspective on my work. Thanks for sharing that thought!

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  18. @James Good Thank you for the visit! Yeah, I think the most important lesson I'm taking this last month is to take my time to adapt, instead of trying to rush a lot of things and then end up on a depressive spiral because of not being able to accomplish most of them. This reminds me of a country-folk song that goes something like "I walk slowly because I already have had a rush... like an old cowboy leading to cattle I'm leading the days, through the long road I go, the road I am".

    16 hours ago, James Good said:

    if you ever have any questions then feel free to send them over!

    I do! I've never did that before, I'm kinda lost... Is there any platform you can recommend to get jobs? My first impressions about the one I'm currently using weren't all that great, TBH.

    Thanks again for the support!

  19. Having a cold is not hot

    Yesterday I was already feeling the initial symptoms, but they were weak, and so I couldn't care less. Today it hit me hard, though. TBH, it might be a flu.

    I did manage to do some stuff in the morning, but the afternoon was just about getting laid on the sofa, coughing and drooling. GF and I were talking about meeting today, but I don't want her to be sick. Also, I would be no fun. So, no date. Going to have some mint tea with honey, and going to bed early. Will get better tomorrow.

    Coughing onwards, sneezing strong.

  20. Maybe watch it together with someone else, it may help to prevent you from going rogue on videos. Yes, it's a Matt Parker vid, to be precise it' s a whole hour of him presenting his book over the Royal Institution, with the usual fun. Hope you enjoy!

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  21. 17 minutes ago, NannerZ said:

    I think my brain has this old programming that says 'whenever things don't go as planned, you may just take the easy way out' 

    I feel your pain! I have to fight this instinct pretty much live time!

    18 minutes ago, NannerZ said:

    I'm gonna miss all this free time

    Maybe not! Maybe your routine ends up so well balanced that You don't miss having free time! Time will tell, let it do its thing.

    Carry on, dude!

  22. 16 hours ago, Ikar said:

    It really is staggering how vulnerable people are

    @Ikar Thank you for the visit, mate. Yes, specially when it's someone that looked fine from the outside. I mean, you never know whats going on inside people's head. But my bet is that everyone is more or less susceptible to some kind of breakdown, even if not that bad, but still bad anyways. I guess it's a matter of pressing the right buttons, or the wrong ones. There are things that affect you more than others, there are times you are more fragile, and when things come all of sudden, and everything pile up... we are only humans. Few have the inner strength to keep standing after being pounded merciless by life, let alone to fight back, without some sort of support.

    Thank you again for the visit.

  23. Giving value to an OK day

    Some things really help us to put things into perspective. Yesterday's experiences did it for me. Today was an OK day. Not great, not awful. OK. I did many things I was supposed to. I didn't got to do other that I should have. But those I can get to tomorrow. And, day after day, I can feel my level of energy and my commitment to my projects and objectives increasing. Slowly, but surely. Tomorrow my goal is to complete more tasks than I did today. Tomorrow I can tinker with my plans, I can perfect them, I can change my strategy according to the results I've been getting so far. I have a tomorrow. I'm trying to build a better one for me, and for my beloved ones. I have that going on for me. And I'm glad I have the ability to put my life into perspective not only see the things I'm fortunate for having, but also to see the things I want to change. That is more than some people have, unfortunately.

    My GF's friend is fine. I mean, for someone who recently tried to end her own life. She's alive, and her friends are looking after her. That's fine-ish. If she's truly fine, I don't know. I guess not. But my bet is that she'll be, in time. My GF seems fine. She doesn't seem affected by what she witnessed, and I'm grateful for that as well. She's making plans for us to go on a concert this weekend. Everything is going to be fine. I'll probably have to dedicate an entire day to that, so I better work a little extra until then, to compensate at least partially.

    Today I also started looking for freelance writing jobs on one of those online platforms. I could use a little extra cash, but I don't know what to expect of it yet. Time will tell. Can't hurt trying, though.

    Overall, an OK day. I use to be upset about mere Okay-ness, but today I'm not. OK is OK.

    Going onwards, being OK about it.

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