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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. Hey @BooksandTrees, its so good to read this! The first time i've realized I was beating Depression and Anxiety I felt everything in the same way! Always remember that feeling of power and keep going!
  2. Espero que você esteja bem cara @puckspock! Já faz um tempo que tu postou, vi que tu tava achando tudo muito solitário, mas a comunidade tá crescendo e vai vir coisa boa pra cá! Conteúdo em português pra que a gente tenha mais suporte. Se tiver por ai e quiser conversar tamo junto! ? Cheguei agora na comunidade e eu consegui a minha libertação não por aqui, consegui através de terapia e muito esforço pessoal, tenho certeza que posso ajudar em várias coisas, só não desiste cara, todos nós somos apenas bebês, independente se temos 18,35 ou 50 anos ainda tem muito caminho a frente! Abraço tmj!
  3. Sometimes I think we are trying to fix the sink, but the problem is the well. I've been asking myself a lot these days about the use of technology and I realized where the problem is ''installed''. In our cores, procrastination leads to a lot of different things, gaming fits well. I'm constantly training myself to be more useful and more active in my life, gym and running helped me a lot, starting a new job or hobbie will turn you into a monster haha. Even in technology you can do that, learn how to code, or become a great video editor... There are tons of opportunities ? wish you can find your own way. Good luck !
  4. Hey Guys! I'm Gabriel, I've always been around here as a spectator and now decided to be a part of the community! I've struggled with gaming since I was 10 (now 25), I've got my own way to get out and I hope to be another person who can contribute to this group! Greetings from Brazil!
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