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  1. What are you working on programming dude?
  2. 1/90 Today was the first real day of my detox. I moved in to my new room near school and spent the day at school studying. I managed to stay away from games today by avoiding the usual spots I played games on campus last year. I'm reaally enjoying my material a whole lot more and I'm very very grateful to be given the chance for redemption.
  3. @Matt S Not feeling any desire to rebuild. I liquidated my bank, got loaned items back from friends in game, dropped untradeables, and sold the gold to a gold site. I'm currently working on getting the account banned as selling the account gives me the temptation to recover it. You might be right but I hope not. ? Had a decent day today. Drove my grandma to church this morning and took her out the brunch afterward. Then went to visit family friends for the past few hours. I'm not having much luck finding an apartment with the requisite conditions (no pets, no gaming) so I might just end up living in my car. I don't think it will be a problem since I'm pretty resilient/young. No games today either. I haven't really been tracking the number of detox days but maybe I should be.
  4. Good luck dude, its great you want to beat game addiction while you are still in high school.
  5. Went snowboarding in the Sierras with my brother for a few days after Christmas. I'll admit I had some cravings to play RS but did not play. I've been looking for an apartment to stay in but its been hard since I started so close to the deadline. I'm attempting to fully get rid of all my runescape items and accounts as well. I'm thinking I should also brush up on the math subjects that I'm going to be studying next quarter. Not too used to blogging my everyday life, especially on a public forum so this is strange for me.
  6. Did not play games today or have much of an urge to. Did some household chores and looked for a place to live for next year. My parents have deep doubts about my truthfulness and willingness to quit games. My head is really cooked like its messed up bad dude I'm going to start counting my detox from when I get out of my parents house. Right now I'm prevented from playing games because I'm living at home so its an artificial environment. My dad reads every one of my posts and its important to realize that I really am not doing anything towards curing myself until I get out of my parents house. So I will start posting when my actions are my own.
  7. Thanks for your input Mads. I think living in a car is not a good idea because even though university campus is relatively safe, the hassle of moving the car and the fear of being mugged may negatively impact my studies. Thanks Matt, read every word. I clanned too and its really intoxicating being around people all doing the same thing and running around rev caves or deep wild. Need to quit too. Hey man, thanks for reading. I posted a journal that I'm going to keep as I return to school.
  8. Hello everyone, I want to start a journal for myself and maybe for others to read about my progress as I quit video gaming. I'm addicted to OldSchool Runescape and I was formerly addicted to League of Legends. Surprisingly enough, I quit League by myself cold turkey about a year ago. I quit because I realized that putting my mental state and my enjoyment in the hands of 4 other strangers was a really bad idea. Pretty much I got sick of the trolls. I have felt urges to pick up the game again (love playing adc) but have resisted them pretty easily by just remembering how toxic of an environment it was. OldSchool Runescape is different to me. I love pvp and pvm with friends on that game. I had a high lvl, a 125, and I love clanning and warring on that game. Just being in Teamspeak or Discord with my friends rolling through the wilderness was a blast for me. But as a trade off, I'm two years behind on my Math degree, my GPA is in the dumpster, I have no lasting friendships and I have a very low trust relationship with my parents. Totally not worth it. So, I've decided to quit. For the upcoming school quarter (January 7 to Mid March), I will focus on these goals: Getting the best grades possible. I want to get a 4.0 in the 2 Math classes and 1 General Ed class I'm signed up for. I ran some GPA calculations and the best possible grade point average I can salvage with the remaining credit hours I have is about a 3.2. I only signed up for 3 classes this quarter because I want to focus on getting the best grades possible in a quarter that I can. I'm taking Combinatorics and Abstract Algebra, two courses which are more difficult than what I have studied in the past. I need to be sure to start early on homework assignments, seek help during office hours from the professors and TAs, and make friends to study with in my classes. Go to the gym every other morning. In my first year of college, I diligently went to the gym and followed a routine (Stronglifts 5x5). I ate decently and began to see definitive results. I felt better about myself in general. I want to return to that good feeling. Cam talks about seeing measurable growth, and I think the gym will be a constant positive source of measurable growth. Find a software internship for the summer. I want to get out of the house this summer and into gainful employment. I think it will give me perspective and it will be something I can put on my resume for when I look for jobs after I graduate. Make friends to replace the friends I have in Runescape. Both in my class and in social activities. I'm cutting myself off from my Runescape friends because unfortunately, they are a trigger for me to keep playing. Keep posting here. I'm using this thread as a way to reflect and regulate myself. I'm also going to be reading everyone else's posts as time permits. Thanks for reading and I'm going to stick with this and fill this thread up with many, many posts.
  9. Thanks for writing up this whole thread Deku and I hope you continue for next quarter/semester! Very impressive grades. I'm about to go back and finish my undergrad degree(math) in January after not registering classes for the Fall quarter because of gaming related issues. I'm inspired by the hard work you put in and will be implementing some of the strategies you talked about in my own journal/life.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a guy who is addicted to gaming, in particular Oldschool Runescape and formerly League of Legends. I played Runescape as a kid and then my parents didn't let me play anything during high school so that I could get good grades and place into a competitive university. Of course when I got into said university, I immediately started playing games nonstop. This addiction has lead me to the brink of being kicked out of university because when I play that game I get super addicted and play for 10+ hours a day. I miss homework or do the bare minimum to scrape by and get destroyed on exams. I lie to my parents about what I'm actually doing until I get caught. My gaming addiction has left me two years behind on my degree so I really need to hurry up and graduate. The reason why I'm posting this is my parents don't believe I will stop gaming or that I think gaming is a real problem to me. They really don't trust what I say anymore because I've lied to them many times about what I have been doing due to gaming addiction. I have a real problem where when I'm away from their control, I play games incessantly. They think when/if I return to college, I will play. My first year of college, I had to drop out of a class because I missed 3 days of class because I was staying up too late playing games. My second year of college, they pulled me out because i lied to them about my grades. Since then, I've been studying at home and at school on and off for two years and my grades last year were completely terrible. I got put on academic probation. They finally caught me this summer and only recently they have told me I have gaming addiction (I agree). I stayed home for the past 3 months and the summer because they did not want to send me to play games. They recently went on vacation and I recovered my Runescape account and played all day while they were away. I've lied countless times to my parents about how I spend my time. They do not trust me at all. They think that I'm lying right now just so that they will send me back to school so that I can play games. They showed me Cam Adair's videos about quitting games and since all of this has come from them they don't think I want to quit or will quit. Clearly, gaming is a huge problem for me, so I'm trying to come up with ideas on how to eliminate gaming from my life. Even writing this was hard and I did not include many of the details in the original post but my dad made me put them in. In the recent past, I was living in conditions that did not really let me play Runescape at home. Basically I was living in someone's living room for a quarter, the internet was bad, and my dad was watching my computer using remote access tools. He also planned my schedule and made sure I followed it. I actually achieved decent grades because I didn't play any video games for 3 months. I'm planning on returning to school this quarter(soon) and I was thinking about living in my car on campus. Some advantages I can see from living in a car are: I'm less inclined to skip classes or stay in my car in the parking lot all day because its just uncomfortable. I have no place to game once I come home. I stay at the library until I'm done with my days work and then come home(car) and sleep. I can take showers and do laundry at school and I will have a parking permit so I can legally park overnight. The car is a minivan, not a sedan. I live in Southern California so the climate is pretty good. What do you guys think about using car living as a way to eliminate game playing? Any other thoughts about my situation are also appreciated.
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