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  1. 9/26 First day of fall quarter was today. I'm feeling old even though I'm only 23. Game addiction stole 2 years of life progress and social experience from me. Resolved to stay away.
  2. Sept 22, 2019 Hello everyone. It's been 7 months and I'm back here once again. I originally quit posting on this forum because I didn't really feel like it helped at the time. I guess it felt like I was posting the same boring routine everyday, go to school, study, go home. I'm here to say that being a part of this community is absolutely something I needed and still need. I had to drop one of my core CS courses because I was getting destroyed by the class. I didn't know the best methods of how to program (planning algorithms before writing code) and this made me basically unable to finish programming assignments and create non buggy code. I think anyone would feel a huge sense of despair when you are failing and you don't even know how you are failing, or how to improve. To help myself for the Fall 2019 quarter, I practiced my planning, programming, and debugging skills with my dad's help over the summer. We calculated that in order for me to succeed, I cannot spend more than 20 hours per week doing work for any class. The good news is that I just did 2 mock programming assignments within the allotted time with good quality. The bad news is that I've been relapsing on and off with oldschool runescape over the summer. I played it a few weeks ago and I played it yesterday. I've got this major addiction to it and Cam's Respawn guide really helped me think about it. I've been really disconnected from people around me since I was about 19, and I'm 23 now. Between leaving school and moving back and forth from school and home, I don't have ANY real life friends. All I have are the friends I made on runescape and my family. My gpa is also in the trash can because of my game addiction and it's hard to feel good about myself academically. Games and my addiction to games lead to this. 3 wasted prime years. Playing games became a way to feel good about myself because at least I'm making progress in game right? I've also become unhealthy and games allowed me to justify overeating. Anyways, my friends have all graduated from university because they didn't have the same addiction as I do. It's hard not to feel like a complete failure when you relapse in the face of all this blatant evidence. I really need to get my act together, so I want to start posting here again. I've got a plan for replacing the role games had in my life. temporary escape I can read books, watch TV, socialize, go to the gym to lose weight, play soccer instead of loading up games social I really need to make new friends. True, all my old friends have graduated but it's super important for me to interact with the real world instead of people online. I've made a list of on campus groups I can look into joining. Some of them are academic and some of them are social. Both types of socialization are important. constant measurable growth progress in my grades and progress in my fitness can be easily measured they are a challenge real life is more challenging and more interesting than the finite set of options a game offers. I'll be around and reading your journals too. It's good to be back.
  3. Hello everyone, its been a few days. I got the test back and even though I did miss more points than I wanted to, my exam grade was above the class average, contrasting with before when I was addicted to Runescape and it was amongst the lowest in the class. So thats good. That said most days I feel tired and being motivated is a chore. This point of the quarter is when I usually completely burn out and abandon my studies but I'm not going to this time.I actually want to see how well I can do without giving up. My goal is just to pass my classes, maybe next quarter I can aim higher.
  4. Hello, waiting on a test result. Fingers crossed but it was super similar to the homework which I was crystal clear on. Hopefully the next post I make here is good news!
  5. 30/90 Hi GQ folks, I've been away from the forums for over a week so I think I'd better update you guys with how things have been going. My test was worse than I expected. I made several mistakes and many of my problems stemmed from a previous bad homework assignment that my poor planning cause me to have not enough time to do properly. Afterwards, I checked with my teacher and the way he described the questions, I felt like doing them correctly and excelling on the next test is highly possible. I just need to make sure I understand my homework really well. I also need to do more problems for my final exam. As far as next week, I have an exam in my Combinatorics class. Its the only midterm of this whole quarter for that class so I need to do well. I'm preparing a week in advance and seeking help.
  6. 22/90 Hello!. Had my test today and it was very similar to homework. I'm sooo glad i spent a ton of time doing and reviewing hw. I really do think it went well.
  7. 21/90 Mainly went to classes and TA sessions. I feel like I'm bad at writing proofs. Even if I understand the material, I don't write a logically complete proof. I'm going to really buckle down and grind out understanding of material and proof writing tomorrow.
  8. Glad you had a good day with your family bro
  9. 20/90 Hello everyone, its been a fair few days. I haven't posted because I was really tired out ofter last week. A mistake on my part in realizing how much work I had to do in a short amount of time culminated in an all-nighter last Friday. Basically I had homework due on Friday that was quite long and I also had less time than usual to do it. I went out on the weekends and got some sun. Been prepping for next week which will have my first test. I'm still trying to meet new people/study partners. I met this one guy who said he was part of a study group but I couldn't find him after that one day. Got 1 of 3 tests for Algebra on Friday which I'm pretty nervous about. I feel like I'm not really satisfying the 4 voids (measureable growth, escape, social, purpose) that games used to give me. I'm just relying on willpower and maybe my desire to play games is hibernating I'm not sure. Still haven't played games.
  10. 15/90 Checking in, I'm still swamped but I atleast want to have an entry for today so I don't miss a day. I don't know it feels important to keep posting here even if I don;t say much/have the time to elaborate. 1/6 of the way to 90 which is pretty cool.
  11. 14/90 Hello everyone, busy day and I have assignments coming up.I'm going to be brief today because I have a ton of work tomorrow.
  12. 13/90 No classes today. I actually have exams coming up super soon because of the short quarter system my school is on. I'm actually nervous and preparing alot because I need to ace them. Homework is a tiny part of your grade but exams are a significant part and you have to sit down and perform well for an hour. Kind of scary and not my favorite part of school.
  13. 12/90 Just a successful day of classes. I want to get to bed early tonight so not much to add.
  14. 11/90 Had a really fun day doing math and I'm ready for next week. I reviewed my progress with my parents this morning and we talked about what I can do to improve and not make the same mistakes I made last week. I really appreciate them. There are some company presentations and seminars I think I'll go to next week, just for fun. Thanks for sticking with my gamequitters friends.
  15. 10/90 Its somewhat embarrassing to admit but I've been overeating as a way to destress and keep away from games. Theres this Mexican place near my house that serves this huge dish. Its basically fries, steak, egg, guacamole, cheese, bacon, and sour cream. Its amazing but I eat it way too often to be health. Food addicition is just as bad as gaming addicition and I need to cut it out. In other news, today I took the bus down to the beach. I t was pretty cloudy which is uncharacteristic of the place I live but I had a good time. Made a few small conversations and enjoyed being outside.
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