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  1. Hello Everyone Attempt II Days in recovery: 18 Days till 90: 72 Sorry but I didnt manage to update last week as I have had an exam - it went ok . 18 days so far, Dota have been creeping on my mind I must admit, but I have managed to shake it off. Keeping busy. really helps. The main thing for me is to stay organised... it really does help me to stay focused. So far I am feeling good and strong and hope this continues till I am free. Thank you Alex for sharing your story I have read and its really really good and all the replies are very very useful to read. I will move this section to the diary section and start a proper diary there. Its been great for me, doing work and gettings things done.....almost feel normal again I will come back later on the day and read the rest of your diary because I though it was really helpful Thnx again for sharing See you next week Theo
  2. Hello everyone This is my weekly update on my progress since my first relapse. Its 1:44am in the UK, just drove about 200 miles from London so I am really tired but I am committed to this cause and the community. Its been 7 days now, no gaming, no porn, no procrastination and a tidy room !! Fuck me, I feel good... but I have been using social media, FB etc are on my hit list next Stress have been high since I had my appraisal... passed with a good report! Dont know how but thank God for that! So things that have helped me stay away from the games... mmmm, I have the four reasons that people relapse stuck on my room door: Boredom, Stress, Feeling good and Reward! Also I have become more organised by keeping a list of the things I need to do and this have kept me busy and in check. I dont use my mobile before sleep or after I wake up... this have been good because I am getting really good sleep now. I know its only been 7 days, there is alot more work that need to be done but I am feeling good now and I feel normal again. I have a big theatre list tomorrow morning....wish me luck! If I think of any other useful things I will share them here Thaer
  3. Hi I am also new to the site, I have posted my story along with many others here which I have found to be really helpful in my recovery. I can suggest you look up Cam's Youtube channel because he has lots of useful information that will get you started. The journey might be long and hard, but we are here to support you along the way. I am posting weekly updates on my progress and we would love to hear yours too Theo
  4. Hello Mark Welcome to the community. We have all have had very similar problems. I really respect the way you opened up to your parents because I found this to be very very hard but well done for doing that. Congratulation on you progress so far. I was abstinent for 45 days then relapsed to playing games for 30 days and so this is my second attempt, so far 3 days clean... no games, streams, internet time wasting and my diet/gym is going great to. So dont worry man, good things will your way. Keep us updated on your progress or lack of! Either way, I am confident that you will succeed because it seems that 1) you have a strong DESIRE to quite and 2) you seem DETERMINED to do it Hope to hear from you soon Theo
  5. Thank you for the support and advice. Stress management is definitely something that I will need to work on so thanx Cam for the link and yes Mario I am finally honest about my addiction and determined to change for the better. Thanx again for the support and I will keep you updated on my progress this week Theo
  6. Well done Daniel. Keep it up and dont forget to give us an update on your progress so that we can learn from your journey. Regards Theo
  7. Hello everyone, I am new here. I am 33 years old from the UK and I have a problem with online gaming addiction. I have started gaming since a young age. I don't really know when gaming became an addiction for me but definitely the last few years have been really bad I find that gaming is a way to escape the stress of life and avoid facing my problems. The more I game, the more I feel like I am left behind and the harder it becomes to catch up on the work I have missed. I also find that gaming is related to other destructive habits that have affected me very badly such as online pornography & bad eating habits. This have led me to social isolation and the gradual erosion of my relationship with my partner and family My first attempt at abstinence was few months ago and I was clean for 45 days! I relapsed due to a huge surge in pressure and stress from a family event and then found my self gaming on a regular basis for 30 days as a reward for having had to deal with that family event. I have a very good job in the healthcare system in the UK and that I have found have been a huge protector of my life in that it has kept me going through the hard times of my gaming addiction but it also comes with its own stresses Now I am 2 days into my second attempt and thats why I have decided to write on this forum. I have seen Cam's video's online and they have been extremely helpful in getting me to where I am now. I am very determined this time and I feel more confident than ever that I could quite for life. I have learned a huge amount from my first attempt and failure taught me a huge deal. I have watched these two video of Cam's (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTeV0yIpMig&list=PLOY3TVLxX8P43w44d3WvQg3Oo9WX3FFTm&index=7, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5jnmwt5Q9w) and I find they have been really really helpful in giving perspective on why I am the way I am and practical ways to maintain a game-free life. My first milestone will be to achieve 60 days and then 90 days and then life abstinence with the aim of complete self control of my behaviour I am here to share my storey and welcome anyone to this journey with me I am wiling to answer any question that you have but I will otherwise update this thread on my progress every Sunday afternoon Much love Theo