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  1. Day 21

    Not in the mood for writting actually, I feel a bit stupid. The guy I was supposed to meet today didn't appear. It's not the fact that he didn't appear or even cared to write me. It's the fact that I'm still too naive and was excited, just to see how it failed. Like every time I create expectations about something. It just crashes.

    The rest of the day was ok. At least I practiced with my bass for some hours, which is not a total waste of time. I've set another meeting for monday. It better work this time.

    My stomach feels like shit. I should eat something more smooth tomorrow. My mother has an unbearable pain in her dorsal muscles and I'm worried about her. She has an appointment with the doctor for monday. Let's hope it's something that can be cured.

    No gaming or gameplays watched.

  2. Day 20.5

    It's been two nights since the last entry. I feel really tired when it's time to write the journal, I just think "well, it doesn't matter, I'll write the entry later" and here we are more than 48h since the last entry. Well, I'll summarize the events the best I can. The most important is that I haven't played or watched gameplays at all.

    On day 19 my friend and I were so tired that we didn't go to the gym. It would have been the 3rd day in a row. For people that are not fit at all and that are starting to get the habit of workout, I think three consecutive days are too much, so I didn't feel bad for it. I also got a few hours of study. Not bad!

    On day 20 (yesterday) we were almost craving to go to the gym. I think the fact that we are slowly improving and that our bodies feel so good when we finish make us just want to repeat. I have never wanted to do any kind of sport or exercise before. And I know why: I was forced by my parents. They would always try something to get me moving, without asking. Feeling forced by them was what always discouraged me. This time I had the initiative, so I am actually motivated to go and give it all. I had more hours of study too. Slowly improving!

    Today I want to talk about my friends, one of them specifically. I think that the strongest bound I had with him was videogames. Now that I commited to stay away from games, our friendship has become weaker. We find ourselves trying to pull up a theme to talk but it seems almost impossible. Of course, there are still some things we can talk about, like politics or technology, but his level of knowledge about technology is far superior than mine, and the politics talk usually dries out quickly after a few times. I think that I should hang out less with them to make our nights more interesting.

    One of the other friends doesn't even care about the subjects that my friends talk, and usually we start talking about whatever other thing comes to mind, like shows or movies, books, cats, ... But I think she is just out of place when she is with us. Most of the time she is just reading reddit or scrolling through pages of memes. For some reason, I feel like if I don't play games to talk with my friends, I will end like her. I won't have much more opportunities to hang out with them after september comes, so maybe I'll be able to make more friends after I move. We'll see.

    I have a meeting this afternoon with a guy from the band I want to join. I'm freaking scared about what will happen. The guy has been a bit rude to me through text messages, but I think he was just trying to test my willingness to commit with the band. I'll talk about this in my next entry when everything has finished.

    Things that felt good these days:

    - I improved my concentration skills a bit. Now I can study for an hour or so. This is important because of my september exams.

    - The gym is having a good impact on me. My mind is clearer and my body feels better. The fact that I commited to do it and I'm actually doing it feels great too.

    - I'm making the bond with this friend much stronger. For some time I thought my friend and I were starting to lose this bond, but now it's becoming tighter.

    Things that felt bad these days:

    - Since I have almost no time to eat between hours, I'm starving when the time for dinner comes. This makes me order more food and eat it quicker, so I feel really bad for the next few hours. I need to be more aware of this problem and realize that I need to relax when it's time to eat.

    - I haven't recovered my self-esteem and anything that suppose taking a risk or anything that depends on me makes me feel anxious. I think that I will recover it with the time. The more I can accomplish, the more confident I will become. Slow but steady, right?

    - It's almost august and I haven't make much progress in my study. I'll need to make extra effort to complete the subject, and I'm barely starting to recover the concentration. I don't even know how am I going to make this happen. I just can't fail my tests if I want to end my career next year. Having to take one more year at this point would be devastating.

    Things that I am grateful for:

    - My gym friend is as excited as me to keep going.

    - The gym itself is properly equipped and the instructors are kind and careful.

    - My friends haven't turned me out after I quitted games.

  3. Day 18

    F*ck my life. Why can't I just focus on studying. At least I went to the gym for the second day and went out with my friends.

    I won't surrender. I will set an alarm for tomorrow so I can concentrate. I still have some ideas that might work. 

    The time at the gym feels great. I finally have someone that goes with me and we are both very excited. We haven't gone too far yet, but I just want to improve my health, not to become a hyper musculated guy, so I don't feel the need to rush or the need to be instantly good. I just hope that I can keep doing exercise when the new course starts. My health would appreciate it.

    Nothing new besides this. I forgot to call the guy of the band that was looking for a new bassist. I can't let the chance escape, so I'll try to reach him tomorrow.

    No games or gameplays. This is still going pretty good. I made a commitment that I can still fulfill, and that alone is a great step for me. Definitely it's time to improve and make new commitments.

  4. Day 17

    Geez this day has been really exhausting. I woke up early, had breakfast and left to my father's house. He had to take a test at the hospital and asked me to go with him. I spent the whole morning on that. It was a routine test, and everything was fine, so nothing to worry.

    I had lunch and went to the gym with my friend. The first week is free, so we started today learning how the machines work and all of that stuff. We had a good time. Sport is always good too. I spent the whole afternoon on this.

    When we left the gym, I asked my friends to go out, and they replied yes. I spent the whole night (until now 2 a.m.) on this. Now I'm in the bed only thinking about sleeping. If my friend and I are not very tired or hurting, we might go to the gym again tomorrow. 

    So I had absolutely no time for anything. This is good, because I was kept away from this bad habits that I was having lately. And it felt so good going to the gym. I hope we can go more times until I leave for the next course.

    Tomorrow I will focus on seeing the study from a better perspective, so I can finally make it happen. I am very tired now, so no other sections. We'll see tomorrow.

  5. Day 16

    Wasted day. I couldn't write a single sentence. No progress in my studies. I had some time to think about my current situation, but mostly I spent the day watching an anime. At least I didn't play or watched gameplays...

    This can't go on. I will go to sleep today knowing that I will be able to study tomorrow and seize the day. Well, not tomorrow, because I have to do something else, and it's important. But the day after tomorrow I'll do it.

    So... Nothing happened today. I think I won't be doing those parts like a "rule" anymore. I will write them when I feel like there is something to say. Today was a wasted day, I did nothing, I almost didn't communicate. This makes me feel bad, and it also emptied the day. No more things to say.

    Tomorrow I'll probably write more because there is this thing I said before. Time to sleep, learn from my mistakes and regain strength.

  6. I had the same problem with my ex some years ago. I didn't want to be "the bad guy that blocks a girl just because she loves him to much to let him go" so I had to stand emotional abuse, stalking, threats and lies for a long time. I tried everything to make her understand me, but it was useless. So I realized that I had to stop thinking about what would others think about it. I had to do what it was best for me

    I told everyone around me how I was feeling, the things that she had put me through. Everything. This is crucial. If you keep it to yourself, you won't get any support. Let the bad feelings flow out of yourself. After I did this, I had the strengths to ignore any kind of contact. Never, never, never fight back. Let her make her moves and ignore them. If she finds any of your online accounts, keep doing what you do as if she didn't find it. Don't even throw hints in your messages as if you noticed it. If you ever see her in the street, do not turn away, because she might notice it. Continue and ignore her presence. Don't engage with her at all. She will realize at some point that she doesn't have the power to control your emotions and will stop trying. Your ex is trying her best to make you notice her. Deny that.

    What I did gave me my freedom back. I still sometimes receive an email or some kind of message, like once in three or four months, but there is a higher distance every time between those. I just ignore it and everything is ok. Maybe a rush of anxiety, but it goes away quickly. You'll be able to train that to make them not take control over you.

    I know it's hard, but I didn't do it perfectly the first time. I have emotions. But, in order to improve, I had to be aware of those emotions and take the lead. Every time that you succeed will hurt less and less, until you can control it and regain the power over your emotions.

    Hope this helps. Take your time to consider what is the best you can do to handle this before it's too late. And keep up the good work! Don't feel so ashame, everyone fails. Learn from your failing.

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  7. Day 15

    "Hm. This is not working."

    That was my first thought when I woke up today. Yeah, I stopped gaming and any related activities, but there is no real progress right now. I'm completely stuck. Even worse: something is going really bad. And I know it because of 3 things:

    1. I can't focus on studying/get distracted very easily.

    2. I am afraid of difficult commitments/having to do more than usual to get something I want.

    3. I am starting to feel addicted to other things to replace gaming.

    I had a long time to think about those points today and I got a conclusion: For some reason, I don't want to make changes in my life. Not that I don't want to, but a part of me says "no". And it's not going to stop. This is the thing that I need to change right now in order to become the person I want to be. And I think I found out why this is happening: I don't see myself achieving the goals and reaching the point where I want to be. This change in my mind will make the real impact on my life. But we have a problem here...

    I lost all my self-confidence a long time ago.

    There was a point in my life where videogames stopped me from growing my skills, more concretely my willpower. After many years, I learned where my limit is. This makes me know if I will be able to accomplish a task before taking it. For me, quitting games was hard, but doable. Regaining self-confidence... It's far from my confort zone. Being able to do this, and also change my mind to see myself doing what I want to...

    It just seems impossible... At least right now.

    But hey, I quitted games, right? I have been away from it 15 days.

    I thought I couldn't stop watching gameplays, but I did it.

    I thought I wouldn't pass the subject in the critique, but I worked hard and I did it. 

    I thought I couldn't improve my health and, step by step, I'm doing it.

    Everything was out of my comfort zone. But I did it. The first step was the most important one, and it was deciding to quit. After that, I realized that I have to work hard to achieve the goals.

    It's not enough to quit gaming. I need to believe that I can do what I want to and that I can make my dream life come true to truly be able to do it.

    This will be my main focus now.

    Things that felt good today:

    - I was able to survive by myself for two days now.

    - I took the initiative and spoke to a band that is looking for a bassist, and we have set a meeting for next Wednesday

    - I realized the things that were holding me back, and I feel like it's a great improvement.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - Unable to stop eating when relaxing or bored.

    - My friends seem to be unable to meet or organize anything if I don't lead them. Or are they meeting without me...?

    - I spent the majority of the day watching an anime and couldn't study too much...

    Things that I am grateful for:

    - The band I contacted was still looking for a bassist. This is a great chance, but I'm scared af. We'll see what happens.

    - I have the whole weekend to be calm and take the time to think about my things.

  8. Day 14

    Two weeks have past since the day I decided to quit videogames. I could feel the benefits of this decision since day 2 or 3, and I'm still feeling them. Every day that I stay strong against videogames gives me more strenghts to do this. In only two weeks there have been highs and lows of course. I take every chance to learn to understand my emotions and how am I trying to achieve my goals. This habit of writting a journal is the best for this. The way I designed it makes me think about what did I do good so I can keep those things, and what did I do bad or what is different from the life I want to live so I can change it, or at least minimize its damage. And the last section makes me realize the good things that just happen around me, which would go unnoticed if I didn't write it.

    Leaving that aside. Today was a normal day. I didn't go out with my friends, I needed to rest. But we talked by telegram, and in that conversation I realized that they are not boycotting me... They expect me to fall. It's not a matter of they feeling bad because I'm making changes. They see me as a "looser", a guy that lacks the motivation to make progress and achieve goals. That's interesting in some way, because I learned something about how the people with whom I spend more time see me, and about their personalities. I already cleaned my friends list once, but it seems like I'm in need of other kind of friends. The thing is, my addiction made all my other friends leave me. So I'm stuck in this point, at least until the new course starts. Even with their flaws, I don't plan to stop hanging out with them. I just have to learn how to handle this situations.

    The gym thing seems to be taking shape. We have to go to the gym on Monday and we'll see what happens. It will be good for me to make some exercise.

    I want to start a new personal journal in Spanish, probably hand written if I have the time. This whole thing is awesome to get feedback and take ideas from others, but when it comes to express emotions or just rant, it's not that good. I have to use the google translator to be sure that I'm not making mistakes when I write, and that somehow makes this whole process a bit slow and demotivates me. When I finish translating, I forget what I wanted to say next.

    Things that felt good today:

    - Made some progress studying.

    - This day completes the second week without videogames in my life.

    - My friend is making progress in taking us both to the gym.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - It seems like I don't project the image of what I want to become and people don't trust me. I feel a little betrayed tbh.

    - My concentration is still really bad.

    - I need too much time to heal when something bad happens. I'm used to just let it pass and turn my eyes to videogames, that I don't know how to manage this situations.

    Things that I am grateful for:

    I don't want to repeat the things I am grateful for, but I don't have new things that I can be grateful for. So from now, if nothing new happens, I'll say:

    - Being born in a first world country and in a family with enough resources to survive.

  9. Day 13.5

    I came back to my house very late last night. My friends and I were talking about politics and related things, when I realized, it was 4am. I woke up today at the same time I usually do, but I feel extremely exhausted. Not many hours of sleep plus we were walking for hours in the night plus we went to the beach in the afternoon. I feel like my batteries are empty. Might take a nap later and probably won't go out tonight.

    One of my friends and I were talking about going to a gym during the summer. I have never gone to a gym before, but lately I realized that I need to do some exercise. I want to be healthy, and low key I want to look good. So this is a great chance. I hope this won't remain in words only.

    I'll be alone in my house for the whole weekend. This means the risk of a relapse might increase. I have to plan my days so I don't find myself doing nothing, because this could be deadly.

    My friends are starting to joke about my decision of quitting and all of that, but I understand it, this is how we go. We joke about the others at all times for whatever reason, and now that this has been a thing for some time, it's not dangerous to make fun of it. But I don't know if they are truly joking or if they really want me to fail. These guys are now stuck with their lives for some time now. One of them is struggling with his engineering career and the others finished some years ago but couldn't find a job yet, so they feel like they are wasting their time. So I am a little bit paranoid... What if they want me to fail? Shit, that would be so bad... They are my closest friends... But I can't make any guesses yet. I'll stay alert and see what happens.

    Things that felt good today

    - I have noticed an improvement in my health.

    - I stayed out for most of the day, so I didn't eat much. Luckily that will help me as a first step towards eating better

    - My friend told me about going to the gym. This means we could actually go. The first step towards being healthier.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - My friends seem to be boycotting me. Geez, I don't know how am I going to handle this if it's true.

    - Went to bed so late. I should have ended the talk earlier.

    Things that I am grateful for:

    - I found an old friend at the beach and we could talk a little.

    - One of my friends' father gives my friend his car every night that we go out, so we can go wherever we want.

    - I will have a weekend alone to think.

  10. Day 12

    Exactly as I thought, once the series I was watching ended, I had no problems to concentrate and study for some hours. I even started a new one, but I set the rule of watching only 2 episodes at a time, and so far it's working good.

    On the other hand, I feel like I'm starving when I press the play button. This is the reason why I eat so much: I have associated that if I'm watching a series, I have to eat. This is a problem because when I want to relax, I want to watch an episode of a series and if I do that, then I have to eat or I won't be relaxed at all. Hmmm. I need to keep the working time tomorrow as I did today or even more, that's my priority. If I can do that, maybe the day after tomorrow I'll try to introduce the habit of not eating when I watch a series.

    I also felt like a friend of mine is upset for something I did (or didn't), but he denies me the possibility of talking. I don't know what is this thing about. I hope it's just my imagination.

    Things that felt good today:

    - I met some friends I haven't seen in a long time.

    - I went to a festival (for free!) and had a great time.

    - Concentration came back to me.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - The fact that I can't relax if I don't eat.

    - My friend acts weird and I don't know why.

    - The usual friends were today a little bit more drunk and we had a rough moment. For a moment, i felt like I don't really belong anywhere... Besides, this friends have started to play Pokemon Go and I refuse to play that game. Even if I were still gaming I wouldn't ever return to that game. I need new friends.

    Things that I am grateful for:

    - The festival of today

    - The fact that today's entrance was free.

    - Meeting the friends of the past.

  11. Day 11

    The concentration problem has returned. I was so hyped with the series I was watching that I just let myself go and didn't realized until I finished the season. So I have decided to be careful about this too. I need to set some limits in this matter. Maybe a couple of episodes at a time, or only one, depending on the time I have and the length of the episodes.

    I couldn't leave the house today. This is a major disappointment. I have been forcing myself to go out every day at least once and today my plans cancelled, and I felt too lazy to organize something else, so I just stayed home. At least I don't feel like gaming.

    This is a thing that has been in my head for a few days. I don't feel like gaming anymore. I mean, I still have the mechanical impulse of clicking the folder where my games were and the impulse of typing YouTube or Twitch and press enter, but... It feels like it is because of the muscular memory that I trained along the years. I've been doing this for a long time, and now it's become an automated movement. But the instant I realize and wake up, I just don't do it, and I feel nothing about it. I remember that the first time I quitted, a few years ago, there was always some kind of voice in my head that said: "Come on, just do it, no one will ever know. And you deserve it. Go on a play a little bit, it's okay". But this time I don't even have to answer nor fight this thoughts: they just leave me in the same second that they cross my mind. It feels weird... Like it's too easy? I don't want to lower my defenses. So I'm a bit confused. But as long as I can stay away from games, it's ok.

    The other day with my friends I realized that they are crossing days in the calendar, waiting for me to come back to games once I finish my September tests. I don't know how to feel about that neither. I mean, I don't even know if I'll want to play a videogame again once I finish my 90 days. This is my 11th day away from games and I already don't want to play. It's like I have so much things to do, so many things to see and enjoy from life, that gaming is just a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, I would enjoy a good game too. But I want to truly enjoy it, not playing nonsense for an insane number of hours just to get more achievements. And I don't want to think about what will I do after the detox now, because that will make the process useless. I need to stick to the present and live now, and leave the future to the future me. But this matter is still bugging me...

    Since yesterday's writing of my early days with videogames and the causes, I've been looking to the past trying to get to the root of it all. And I kinda realized that there isn't one root. There are a lot of things that, combined, pushed me in the gaming direction. I'll try to sort some of them out in the next travel to my past and we'll see what comes out from it.

    This 11 days have been good for me. I think I'm getting my focus skills back little by little, I'm enjoying life more, getting things done, improving my health little by little too, acquiring new good habits... Everything feels like they are going upwards, which gives me strength to keep things this way.

    Things that felt good today:

    - My new good habits are starting to merge with my routine. This feels good, because I am noticing the improvement.

    - I reunited the courage to talk to a new match on Tinder. She is nice but doesn't seem to know/care about too much, at least she is answering. But I don't care, I feel good about talking, not about the talk itself. Let's see what can I learn and take from this.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - Still struggling with my focus issues. I think it's becoming less problematic lately but it is indeed a problem. Tomorrow I'll be more strict and see what happens.

    - Still struggling to eat properly between hours. Eating healthy meals is stupid if I can't stop eating like I'm constantly starving between them. I think I can solve this and the above in a single movement: I'll set a new rule for which I can only eat if I study for a long enough time. If I follow my schedule, I should have time for only one break in the morning, the moment when I can eat. Once it's finished, I won't eat again until launch. Doing this will reward effort and reduce mindless eating.

    - I had to help someone today with her computer, but I didn't remember to prepare for it yesterday and I couldn't make it today. We have set another appointment for Friday, and I'm already prepared, so I should be able to make it. I feel very bad for failing her.

    Things that I am grateful for:

    - This person I was going to help still trusts me.

    - I finally have a night for myself and can actually go to bed early.

    - The musicians who create the music I hear.

  12. Day 10

    Standing strong against the urges. I'm noticing some mechanical movements towards the games folder. Luckily I deleted it from my computer when I started the detox. Also when I open Mozilla I just start to type YouTube but before hitting enter I realize and stop. I guess this is just because I'm used to do it for many days. As long as I'm aware, it shouldn't be a problem.

    Well, I promised I would write my story if nothing serious happened, so let's do it.



    I was born 24 years and some months ago, in a medium-low class family, in the south of Spain. We never had serious financial problems, enough to have a good life. I can't complain about that.

    I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was two years old. I just don't know any other way of life that isn't surrounded of syringes and diet food. And I have zero problems with this. Actually, it really helped me, because I would have stopped eating when I was addicted if it wasn't because of the serious problems that that behavior brings for someone with this condition.

    But my parents... Oh, my parents. I think they hated each other even before I was born. Having me was just the trigger of a bomb they had been feeding for years. And my condition just made it worse. They would argue for everything, anytime and anywhere. They separated when I was 7. I think they are the perfect example of a couple of baby-boomers that wanted to have a child before it was too late, and thought that a baby would fix a broken marriage. I still don't know if I was even wanted. But well, it doesn't really matter. My parents hate each other, but they love me. It's something, I guess.

    Both of them introduced me to videogames at a very young age. They bought some educational games when I was a child, and I would play with both some games. My father was a fan of Tomb Raider and strategy games, and my mother liked to play more arcade games, like Pac-Man or Pinball. I would watch them play or just play with them, and if they weren't there, I would play by myself with the educational games. I remember I already memorized the answers at some points and I knew how to cheat them to get better scores.

    When they separated, my life changed a lot. My parents, even if they love me, in those days they were blinded by their hatred. They used me many times to spy on each other, to give messages because they didn't want to speak, and to cause harm. The only one who took damage was me. They are stupidly proud to even care about what the other would say. But I was a child. And I was in the middle of a fight that I didn't even understand.

    This is how I lost all my bounds with my parents. They were persons that would just hurt me because they wanted to do something bad to the other. And they were my parents, I loved them. But at some point, I realized it was foolish to catch all the bullets without even complaining. I started to put distance between them and me.

    This is where the problem with videogames started. To evade myself from this, I resorted to what I knew it would be effective: gaming. One of my closest friends was also a gamer so we gathered from time to time to play games together, and also talked about games. We were enthusiasts at a young age.

    And now that I talk about friends, here comes the second leg of the childhood part.

    I have always been a social guy. Making friends has never been a problem for me. Actually, every time I am invited to an event where I don't know anyone, I make new friends. So my time in school was always surrounded by people.

    But there were two guys that were special. They had something the others didn't. Maybe someone who just looks at them without putting attention would thought they were the most opposites, but they had something in common, unique in some way. And I wasn't wrong. We were friends for all the school years and some high school years. After that, well, we made our lifes and took separate paths, etc. That will come soon.

    The thing is when my friends and my parents (specially my mother) converge. While one of them would get low marks, the other was just a prodigy. He was the best in the class, even the best in the school. The perfect child. My mother couldn't stand this. She needed me to be better than him, just for her pride. She had to brag about her son, and there was other kid that was better than hers. She asked me every time what was his mark and whether mine was better or not. If it wasn't (the typical situation) she said to me that I wasn't a good son, that I had to be the best, that I wasn't doing enough effort, etc. I didn't want to be the best, I just wanted to have a life. This made my relationship with her much worse, and pushed me to play even more, because she made me think I just wasn't enough, so what would be the point in trying if I was destined to fail?

    This marked me and pushed me to play since my early years. Games gave me something I couldn't get in my mother. I was congratulated every time I did something good, I had a sense of growth and rewards. It wasn't just a good feeling, it was something I needed as a child. Recognition for my effort. The chance to repeat if something failed. I was risking nothing and getting a lot. They also were a challenge, and I love challenges. And they have collectables, and achievements. So there was always something to do in a game. This was my best time spending activity at that point.

    I think that is already enough for today. The next time I don't have anything new to say, I will write the next years and how my relationship with videogames evolved.

    I won't write the other usual sections of the journal because there was nothing new today and I'm tired.

    EDIT: I replaced the quote tag with the spoiler tag. I used the quote thing because I wrote it from my phone and couldn't find the spoiler tag. It should be easier to avoid the whole block this way and make the navigation more fluent.

  13. 29 minutes ago, karabas said:

    Oh I didn't mean a counter in the profile... I'm just thinking that most people who have journals usually do some sort of X/90 day counter in their posts as it's a suggestion that's made. Maybe we should start adding this other suggestion as a possibility.

    Ah okay I see what you mean. It's a good idea too. It could be added as optional, for example.

    31 minutes ago, karabas said:

    Longest streak is also a great idea, although I know some people who haven't gone beyond 10 days, so that might be a bit discouraging depending on the situation. There needs to be a balance between positive feedback & some pressure

    I would take it like a challenge. If last time or the best time I did 10 days, then this time I will do at least 11. I think it would work at least for people like me who are a bit competitive. Anyway those are just suggestions, so everyone can choose to do it or not, depending on how they are and how they want to organize their journals.

  14. Day 9.5

    Woah, I forgot to write here last night. I was a little bit more drunk than usually.

    The same routine. I am in a bit of a hurry so this time I won't follow the scheme. The important things are that I didn't play, no urges, no YouTube (even if I said that no more than 2 hours per day, I feel like that would be cheating on myself every time I consider watching some gameplays, so I don't do it neither), some studying, seen my father and half-brother, my uncle and aunt, had a good family evening and then went out with friends. We decided to drink gin tonics this time instead of beers so that's why I forgot to write. I started to follow Nanatsu no Taizai again. The second season was not released when I watched the first and remembered that now it is. Good anime so far.

    If nothing serious happens today, tonight I may start writting something about my past. Why I became addicted and this kind of things.

  15. Welcome to the forums! You look like you are already feeling very good with the decision of quitting, and that's helpful, because it will make it easier than if you were frustrated or feeling forced.

    There is a subforum where you can post questions if you feel like it. Although many of us read the journals, not everyone does, so if you post them there, you'll have more chances of getting an answer.

    2 hours ago, Vojta said:

    Today the same friend send me an E3 premiere of new game. How should I react on this? When friends wants to talk about games with me, should I ignore it? Reject them? Say I dant want to talk about it? Or talk about it with them? Is it a thread?

    It depends mostly on how you feel about it. If you feel the urge to play or watch gameplays, then you should not be in that conversation. I know I can talk with my friends about games, they know my problem and when they talk about buying a game or playing together they always look at me and say: "don't worry, we know you can't play and we will not allow you to do it", and even with their warnings, I know my will power is strong enough to be up to date with videogames and still stay away from playing or watching gameplays. So every situation is different. Identify your feelings about it and detect if it's going against your commitment or not.

    Maybe our friend Cam has a video talking about this topic in his YouTube channel, you could look for it to get more information.

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  16. Day 8

    Finally, I could start studying today. For me, the worst part of studying is the first step, I always feel overwhelmed and the urge to run away and just play games comes to me. I've been dodging thay urge for the last days, but I just replaced gaming for watching series. Now that I have started, I should be able to continue studying. And there is one more good point about studying: I don't feel the need to eat.

    Being able to accomplish what I wanted to is a very rewarding feeling.

    Things that felt good today:

    - Started to study.

    - Ate less.

    - Went to the beach with friends and out for a beer.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - My relationship with my mother gives me anxiety and my cravings get more intense when we are close or talking. I guess that I'll have to get away from her if I want to quit games and have a good life. More about her soon.

    Things that I'm grateful for:

    - I didn't left my career completely, so I can still finish it.

    - Every device I have is working fine.

    - My friends. They help me stay out of my house and give me other perspectives.

  17. Day 7

    A whole week sober! ?

    I'm having the same routine every day. Getting up early, having breakfast, then going to my PC to study, not being able to focus longer than 5 minutes straight, taking a little break, going back to try and study again, feeling frustrated, making a break again, having lunch, relaxing for some time, having a snack (this is mandatory because of my condition), trying to study again, the same happens, one more break, then going out with friends and writing here once I'm home again.

    This routine has a few problems. I need to make an extra effort and study properly, or I'll fail the September's tests. I think tomorrow I'll be able to do it because I won't be alone at home and that will press me. We'll see. The other problem is that every time a take a break, I feel the need to eat. And most times, I do it. Although I don't eat fats, I eat between hours and that's bad. I'm getting used to eat a lot and that needs to stop. And the last one, I'm starting to think that going out is a way to escape from my home. Specifically from my mother.

    For the first one, tomorrow I'll try a new way of facing the subject. For the second, I'll take it as if I was detoxing from bad eating habits. And for the third... I will still go out every day I can. My mother is just too much for me. There is nothing I can do to change our relationship. I'll cross out days in the calendar until I can leave again in two more weeks. I can afford to spend this money, and it makes me more good than bad. So I'll keep this in my routine.

    Things that felt good today:

    - Going out with friends.

    - 1 week sober in a row!

    - I didn't drink any alcohol today, which feels good because I wanted to stop drinking every time I go out.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - Not being able to focus.

    - Not being able to abandon my bat eating habits.

    - I came late home, so I won't sleep much.

    Things that I'm grateful for:

    - Having friends to go out.

    - Having money to go out.

    - Deciding to quit gaming.

  18. Hey guys, I think I could use meditation to relax my brain from being at full speed most of the day, but I know absolutely nothing about it. The things I've found in Google are too advanced or require payment, and I'm reluctant to pay before knowing if that resource will be actually useful. Can you help me or at least suggest some books or other resources that can get me started?

    Thank you in advance.

  19. Day 6

    Almost a week away since I did my last thing related to gaming. Sometimes it feels like it was today, and sometimes it feels like it was months ago...

    I had a peaceful day. Nothing relevant in the morning, nothing relevant in the afternoon. I find it very hard to focus in studying lately. Maybe the more I study, the easier it will be. If this lack of focus continues, I'll have to see a psychologist or something because I can't almost complete 5 minutes straight. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

    My mother had an argument with her partner just before dinner. I started to write about my feelings about it while they where arguing. I had to write about it or I would have lost an important piece of information about how I feel about my mother. I came here after I finished polishing that writing. I wrote it in Spanish, so I may translate it for tomorrow and post it here, because I found some valuable concepts that may help me understand why did I become addicted to games. I could even start to write my story soon.

    Things that felt good today:

    - I helped someone and prevented him to buy an absurdly overpriced device that he didn't need... But he bought a not much cheaper and still overpriced device that he didn't need. I have the feeling that I did the best I could, so it feels good.

    - I had the courage to ask forgiveness to someone that I think I hurted in the past when I was an addict. There hasn't been any answers yet (it was via message), but doing it felt very good.

    - I discovered some things about my addiction when I started to write that have been wanting to exit my mind for a long time. It was liberating in some way.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - I can't improve fast enough to feel like I'm making progress. I feel like I'm not doing my best and that harms my self esteem. I feel week and like I'm going to disappoint everyone for not being good enough. This has to change: I have to either be faster or relax my expectations.

    - I could not control myself when eating between hours and had a pretty bad stomach ache. Feels bad that I seem to be unable to not eat if I'm bored. Need to work on this.

    - My friends were ill and I couldn't go out today. That's nothing I could have avoided, but it sucks anyway.

    Things that I'm grateful for:

    - My mother's partner.

    - Being able to study what I want to.

    - Living in the first world.

  20. Hey man! I see you have quite a story behind your back. Congrats on your long time without games.

    In my own experience, consistently thinking about returning to games at a fix day (like you said, August 30th) may cause cravings for that day to come and may make you see the other days like a punishment from which you'll be released, hoping for that day to come. I see you have everything organized and that you have thought about this for a long time before making the decision. Be very careful, especially if what I say happens, because you might feel like for one day it is possible to have a "no worries day" and play like you did before to celebrate. This feeling is dangerous af. Or you might organize a "gaming session" with your friends that turns out to be a whole-night session, and you might feel like there is no problem if you just play hard but with friends, which is also a dangerous feeling.

    I have experienced what is it to play with responsibility. But after some months, I granted myself some "privileges" (especially at low times) and that made me relapse. So I just wanted to say that you should be extremely careful about this way of thinking. Instead of thinking "that day I will be free to do what I want", maybe think "from that day forward, one of those days I'll reconsider playing for half an hour this story-driven game that hyped me and I'll focus in my feelings about gaming again" (because you said you like this kind of games).

    This is just my advice from my own experience. Everyone is different and have their mindsets. Remember that we are here to support you, no matter what happens, and for myself, I will discuss with you any matter you want about this (or whatever, I really love a chat with whoever wants to talk). I hope you do good in your tests, and beyond!

  21. Day 5

    Nothing really important happened today. I decided to have a relax day to "celebrate" yesterday's event. Some Netflix, some reading and some hanging out. No games nor youtube. Tomorrow I will start studying for my September's tests.

    Things that felt good today:

    - I needed something from a shop, and I actually went to buy it. This is something that wouldn't have happened if I were still playing. I had a tough moment in which I was about to not go out. I feel good because I was able to do what I had to do instead of letting it be.

    - I was able to stop myself from eating between hours when I was almost starving. I'm stronger than I thought!

    - I'm starting to care more about my health and hygiene, and that shows progress, so it obviously feels good.

    Things that felt bad today:

    - I think i'm hanging out too much. I'm starting to worry about my money and my drinking habits. I didn't drink too much, but I've been drinking beers for 5 days straight. I should stop and be responsible with my money, and maybe not drink alcohol the next time I go out.

    - The friend I'm worried about didn't catch the hint when I said I wanted to quit games. I think he doesn't want to recognize his problems with his habits. If he doesn't want to help himself, no one will be able to do it.

    Things that I'm grateful for:

    - Local weather is good to go out.

    - The shop had the thing I was looking for.

    - I have things to do to replace gaming. It's easier if I can fill the time gaming took from me with other things.

  22. I have always been passionate about music, especially two characteristics: heavy metal (many genres) and complex but well tied arranges (any genre that does this attracts me). Some time ago, while listening to Dream Theater (that meets both characteristics that I like), I came across this set of 5 (plus prologue) songs that are connected between albums. They are called the "12 steps suite", whose lyrics talk about the former drummer (Mike Portnoy) problem with his addiction to alcohol and other drugs, his steps to recovery and his thoughts and feelings during each of this steps. I know addiction to substances is not the same as addiction to games, but these lyrics made me think about addiction and helped me some times. So I thought I would share them with you.

    Dream Theater is a progressive metal band. Listen to the songs if you think you would like the style.

    More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve-step_Suite, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_Theater, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Portnoy

    - The Mirror (Prologue) -> Lyrics

    - The Glass Prison -> Lyrics

    - This Dying Soul -> Lyrics

    - The Root Of All Evil -> Lyrics

    - Repentance -> Lyrics

    - The Shattered Fortress -> Lyrics

    I hope this helps, or at least I hope you like them!

    P.D.: Talk to me if you are interested in talking about music. I am always open to listen to new things, and also willing to share more music.

  23. Hey! Nice to have you around and see you feel strong about quitting.

    Like the others said (and I support that idea), it is strongly recommended that you leave all kind of games during your detox, but I understand that everyone is different and they have their own habits that they want to change. You only have to be able to realize and detect if this other games are becoming your new hindrance in your path to the life you want to have. At first you may not notice any change, but if you start coming back to that game more than usual, that is a symptom that you should care about. Be careful and you should be good.

    Try to fill your days with those kind of activities like learning new programming languages. They help you staying away from games, improve useful skills, fight boredom and give you a feeling of getting things done. Keep up the good work! ?

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