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  1. Day 14 I'm giving up on daily Anyways last two days were pretty dull actually the cravings came and went I studied and had no life, but I am finding myself tired again this 40 hour work week and 30 hours of school (includes studying is draining all my energy) I have also managed to remain active until today when I was at work until late so the gym was closed when I was going home. Anyways hoping the next couple of days in the week fly or I'm going to go insane.
  2. Day 12, Day 11 I refuse to believe happened, I study all of Day 11 and Day 12 I managed to get out and run again, I'm struggling keeping active but I'm reconnecting with friends so at least there's that.
  3. Day 10 I didn't forget to do Day 9, I was having really intense cravings yesterday so I made a decision to not turn on my computer so that I wouldn't be tempted to play any games on my computer, happy to say I made it through Day 9 and have had very minimal cravings today. I also went skiing and reconnected with more friends. I also had a day off of work and school today and caught up on sleep and am no longer tired. I feel like the exhaustion was from restarting school as well as long work days, so the day off was very nice.
  4. Day 8 (I did it 2 days in a row) I managed not to give in to the cravings which surprisingly weren't that bad today, I am consistently tired though and I'm hoping that the exhaustion won't affect my school tomorrow. I finished my studies for today which was nice last year I don't think I could've ever said that. Working at a coffee shop helps a little with the always tired. Anyone have any suggestions for the constantly tired. I had 8 hours of sleep which is 2 more than normal. I've also had my skis tuned up for the first time this year, I have decided to try and be more active again hoping it will help out. The 90 days doesn't seem as daunting anymore, but I noticed that it was a month in that some temptations seem to hit. So thanks for the heads up @WorkInProgress
  5. Day 7 (Not great at this need to make a new habit) I started school again today, and found out that one of the games I would play a lot dropped a new update. The cravings were real but I resisted; it helped that I had school stuff to do. I'm struggling with the fact that all my friends are still gaming and since I have uninstalled all gaming on my computer I can't really talk to them. I have a day off tomorrow and I know temptation is going to hit me hard along with really bad cravings. My plan is to wake up early, go for a run, study for a 30 minutes, lift, and back to the books. I'm hoping by setting a schedule it will help reduce the cravings. Thanks for reading the Journal it was a big moral boost to know that the community was here. ALSO 1 WEEK WITHOUT GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Day 5 (I'm starting a little late ) Today I really felt the urge to turn to video games as a release and truly struggled to not play. I'm happy to say that instead of playing video games I went for a run instead. I know that this is just the beginning and that I have a long eighty-five more days ahead of me, but I'm looking at today as a win because I didn't play video games even though I really, really, really wanted to. I reconnected with a friend that I hadn't seen since high school which was really nice and comforting. I have found myself to have a bit of a short temper and am very easily upset, I am also tired a lot as of the last couple of days. However, I have started focusing on other items in life besides waking up and immediately playing video games I can see where I used to play games and how it can suck the life right out of me. I'll keep updating this as much as possible I'm excited and nervous to see where this detox takes me.
  7. Control Time to take back control of my life from video games and to strive to become the best me I can be.
  8. My name is Michael Lee I've been gaming for about three years now I'm 19 years old, and last year I failed out of college due to depression. Which was not aided by my gaming habits to avoid the world. Since than I've only gamed more even though I know it's one of the reasons I failed. Today was my first day off the detox and the first day I haven't played video games at all in a long time. I feel very on edge today everything has annoyed me. And going to work was exhausting and difficult. I work in the food industry and I don't want to be rude while doing this detox any hints or suggestions. Also I don't want to be unable to ever game again. Bad attitude starting this detox but it can't be just bad if it's in moderation right? I'm doing this to prove to myself I can live without video games. But I have no friends outside the realm of gaming and honestly it terrifies me to possibly lose them.
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