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  1. I never finished it, thought it was just random scientist girl. I wonder if I woukd want to) I don't really get stories with blank slate protagonist.
  2. Good job keeping calm under pressure) In our company we have a joke about new tool that would allow to create the whole product "fast and easy". Most of the time it turns out "slow and painfully" =)
  3. Day 12 A long day, had to do some family errands which took a few hours. Last evening I began to watch one of dwyrin's go match streams, finished it this morning. This made want to return to the game. Maybe I'll visit a physical go club, since it's hard to play after getting home. This game requires one to think hard and fast, so it's hard to fall asleep after serious match. Nevertheless, I really enjoy finding new variants and outsmarting an opponent. I hope to do some professional learning and go playing this weekend, let's see if it would be possible)
  4. Day 11 Another day, another bunch of project tasks pinned down. I received some bug report which seems easy at first but actually requires to remade some out-of-the box functionality from scratch. So if any of you guys and girls are developers, please refrain from using massive closed frameworks. If you still do, be mindfual that closed framework are PITAs to work with if you need to do something it's not quite supporting. Called my aunt to say her "happy birthday" but also ended up talking really long about family situation and irritationg of constant errands. She provided some insights into it and told me it would probably be easier in half of a year. Confession: probably because I felt being pressured I bought tobacco today even thought I am very casual smoker. After I talked to my aunt and gave the situation a careful consideration I figured it's not that bad. For me it's hard to resist buying "little something" to myself on a day like this, but I should make it a habbit to just sit and relax with often mentioned tea and books instead.
  5. I don't know what to say here, I was never accused of shutting people out, but you phrasing makes me think maybe you're not comfortable around people? I was bery shy and reserved by the end of the school. It became better at the university where since there were a lot of people who shared my interests. Now that I thinnk of it I probably should have switched school years before I graduated it.
  6. Do you have social anxiety? If you do, people around you probably don't understand this state of "portable hell" and if they are non-gamers quitting doesn't mean much to them. It will get better after some time, do you have some hobby with friendly society around it?
  7. Just don't let it chase hedgehogs) Out dog was hunter at heart and he went considerable worse after we had to treat his eye after some unlucky hedgehog catch attempt. He was around 12 at this point. >> Even if others think the material is dry or it's not an award winning podcast, it excites ME. And I will be prouder of that than any video game. That's important. Maybe you should lauch sooner to get an immediate feedback?
  8. I join the "not quite panic attack club" too, @Mettermrck. Mine mostly had to do with "dammit, I still MUST do <list of things>" @Vlad, I'll try to finish the videi tomorrow. I don't quite get it atm. Congrats on finishing the day, anyway)
  9. Day 10 Normal work day. Had an unfortunate episode at work, more irrtating than harmful. Met my friends this evening. Haven't seen both of them in a while, so we had a great time talking. "The last of us" is marrying soon, so it was mostly family-oriented. That kept me wondering whether it would be easier with kid after he'll be a least an year old. I sometimes think about two specific games, usually on my way home. Right now I'd prefer some tea and much sleep anyway)
  10. I almost went into game search mode again, so yeah, better not to do it.
  11. Day 9 That's probably why I'm so spent right now) That and morning train trip to work. I posted vey few things this weekend since smartphone only and caring for kids makes it difficult. Not much to enter today, but I want to do a little recap: turns out it's a lot easier to stop caring about being "modern day gamer" than I thought. I actually started to feel more rested in general. Few weeks ago such weekend would left me lying on sofa all evening, but it's much better now. I actually skimmed through Steam today to send a birthday gift to a friend. Don't kick me much, he's and his gf are fine with gaming and half of the present is actually a VN, not quite a game. ^^' I don't think I'm in a position to "convert" him anyway, but it feels really odd now. 8 days of detox and earlier therapy session provided enough insights: maybe I'll casually play one day, but I won't be hunting "most modern game I can play". That's just an exercise in self-irritation, really... I froze for like 15 minutes writing this entry so I'd better be off to my tea and books the) UPD: and after that I slogged for half an hour trying to choose a book. Looks like it's fear of choosing wrong that I still need to work on.
  12. Hmm, using a kid as an exercise tool?) Never thought about it, but my wife says that her friends with little kids quickly developed hand muscles)
  13. Is it really detrimental to other areas of your life? It's not quite clear from the text. IMHO: If you want something else and/or modding is detrimental, go into search mode.
  14. Day 8 Had a walk to the nearest (1.5 km) shop to get bread and ice-cream. Kangaroo slings are best) I carried my kid all the way there and most of the way back. It would be really hard to carry him in hands all this time. Unfortunately, he's really capricious in the evening for no deductible reason( Actually picked up my melodica today. I had fun but it totally screwe my mind, I started to mix up notes really fast. Also tried to have a go match today, but had to cancel it. Somewhat tiring weekend but not that bad. @BigPete247, I meant news subscription, not offers like xbox gold or ps+. Not monitoring game reviews helps a lot. Reviews often pushed me to try "next cool game" only to be disappointed.
  15. I wonder why do we really care about being part of that community... If you think about it, it has little benefits. Original post made me look up Overwatch patches. ^^' Thankfully I have better things ti do atm.
  16. I think it's just harder to properly create multiple characters and their relationship than to create just one and the world that's not getting him. Second approach also wins lonely people for you, I agree with @Mettermrck on that.
  17. Welcome. Quitting an activity that overstimulates you does make you more calm and aware. Good luck!
  18. Day 7 Mostly harmless. Erm, empty. Spent the day reading a book and playing or calming my kid. We went to a nearby river beach and I was agitated because I had to carry him all the way, be with him while my wife was swimming. He also puked on my, probably to liven things up) Nothing really bad happened but I tend to be snappy when many minor things happens right when I plan to rest. Special thanks goes to wife's mother for homemade bitter chocolate cake, my son who's a lot of fun to interact with, and my wife who somehow endures him 24/7.
  19. Get rested soon. Insomnia is taxing even if it's just a few hours.
  20. I think you might like social aspect if boardgames. I prefer a boargame match over videogame one any day of the week but it's hard to gather everyone together. I wonder if gym workout were as simple to start as a gaming session if you were to have gym next door)
  21. I think I need to clarify connection between being a "good boy" and choosing or completing games. Frankly, I don't think previous log entry made sense to anyone) "I have to be good at what I do", "I am a gamer" leads to "I have to complete my games" and "I have to choose best ones possible". Day 6 Another long day with long tasks. Feeling lije a juggler trying not to make the system crumble while making "big urgent changes". Finished another match in online correspondence Go tournament. It was labeled "weekly MacMahon" but already lasted more than year) Looked up nintendo site, didn't get much urges or emotions out of it. Later saw an article about using Starcraft to train AI and felt a strong desire to finish at least the first story campaign. Right now I am sitting near my (sleepy) family and too tired to really want to play anything.
  22. Yes, I do. He's using CBT approach, so I basically am studying how to deconstruct thoughts and check whether they are practical and realistic.
  23. I mean always doing things that makes me worthwhile for... well, mostly everyone and that's the problem. %)
  24. Day 5 Somewhat uneventful day: I mostly did one big complicated task at the office for the whole day, but at least it's mostly done. I feel more collected these past few days. I think not agitating myself via gaming helps. Had an interesting therapy session today: we actually talked about this "trying to choose ideal game" subject. Looks like it mostly have to do with my wish to always be an "attaboy". In this case: to make the best choice possible. Playing the game I already am bored of just to "finish one more level" grows from the same wish. I should reflected on where and when I actually need to be an attaboy, if at all.
  25. Now you really have my attention) Where can I find your podcast? Maybe I'll give it a try. The things is I like history but I am virtually oblivious in that matter. School history lessons never really settled in my head and history books have one problem - to read it one have to know history. I've found some "history for dummies" type of books, but it's hard to come by.
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