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  1. @BigPete247, I've been wondering, do anyone eat honey with bread and butter in USA?
  2. I totally relate about sleep factor. It might become like "I am too tired and can't fall asleep so I'll just kill some time until I can" Had some moments like this one of weekends this month.
  3. Good to see the process ticks for you)
  4. Day 25 An energetic work day. One long laid bomb on the project exploded but I managed to found serviceable solution. A perfect solution would require way more work, let's see if time management allows it. Visited my wife's friend today since she brought us some quality honey from the last trip. Her son was really not fond of my presence for the first hour or so but then he played with me. So I had a chance to glimpse on what we might be experiencing some time in the future and I am proud (temporary) owner of two bottles of non-shop honey and two pack of kid's clothes and toys. Nothing in games department. I remember I did want to play cave-climbing platformer in the morning or did I? It's evening, so I am not quite sure) Hoped to do some studying today, but things-fetching took more time than I expected.
  5. @Vlad, yeah I consider myself really lucky in this department.
  6. Day 24 This is the most energitic monday I had in ages, weekend rest paid off. Not quite "rise and shine", but not a dying snail either. Made a stupid blunder in correspondence go ladder match though( After work I am somewhat stuck with (re)setting up study environment. It's probably not gonna help with my exam, but the topic itself might be handy and I want to try it out. Looks like I need to switched to a newer version of development environment to do this. I am not surprised somehow) Gratitude corner: point goes to my wife's parent for driving me to the traing and giving me packed home cooking for dinner Achievement corner: I actually reinstalled practice test suite for exam mentioned above. I had troubles getting it to run the last time, but now it was pretty simple. Obstacle removed.
  7. Meeting up with friends instead of playing is cool. Provided friend doesn't come to you with a portable ofc. =)
  8. @BigPete247, I am employed by a company.
  9. @Vlad, I am full-stack web-developer. My main focus is back-end (mostly C#) and databases (mostly Oracle SQL). Of course, I do fair share of front-end work with JavaScripts and it's various libraries but most of the time I do something on server or database sides. Our compamny offers software to automatize business processes in form of web applications.
  10. Day 23 Not many events, since I am basically resting, but enough thoughts. After reading other topics I found phrase about "people counting days towards the end of their detox". I caught myself doing just that, but I have specific plans: 1. Finish my current lengthy book on newest revesion of my mostly used programming language. I'm already at 80% 2. Take my next professional exam. My last attempt at this stumbled upon the fact that 40% of exam question touch overly specific points of one technology I don't use at work. When I deal with this it would open me a possibility to take another exam to a higher degree in MS exams hierarchy. Which might open few career opportunities. Writing it down so it would be harder to drop out. I had enough things I abandoned, don't want this plan to be the next one. UPD: and after those self-motivational post I overate chocolate with my tea. Oh, wel... At least it's not tobacco or alcohol.
  11. Looks like you're spending a weeking rather effective) Do you do painting on actual racing cars?
  12. Hm. Was day 38 a cake-expecting day?
  13. @Vlad, no yet. She and her husband wants to. We are waiting when our son's "play pal" would arrive. This house would be even more lively)
  14. Day 22 I fulfilled my few months old dream: actually slept as much as I want today) My son seems to be becoming addicted to being lifted up in the air. He happily screams, but wife's sister says she's scared to watch it. Finished Gibson's trilogy today. We have another one of his books here, maybe I'll give it a try. I did not turn my notebook today, even though I occasionally remember one roguelike platformer. I was either sleeping or communicating family. Looks like my kind of a day off. @Mettermrck, do you plan to visit other countries? Not to test their specific aspect of culture, of course)
  15. That's tough. I am beginning to feel it too since I initially planned to do one month. Getting back together might be frightening a lot. In my experience it's a fear of things being as bad as it were before. I don't kbow details of your case, but I know only of two people for whom it worked out. Anyway, you should ask yourself and do your best to give yourself honest answer, not necessarily one you'd like to hear.
  16. I think this is pretty normal. It seems to me that most logs goes further and further away from gaming as it's author loses interest in it. It's interesting to read what people are switching to instead.
  17. Good luck finding the right tools. It usually takes a lot of self-debates to try workshops like this.
  18. Thanks, everyone) Day 21 Not much to report: pretty common day at the office, but hey, it's a Friday. My kid now shows a lot of interest in different textures. It's always something new every week) The weather is getting autumny, so a lot of books and warm tea scheduled for this two days. Last week I gave my wife King's "the Bazaar of Bad Dreams". She accused book of being horny because of few characters who were using scabrousness words. I laughed it off and she said that maybe it's because American people are more sexually liberated. I wonder if it's true.
  19. Day 20 Interesting day at work. I spent most of the time redoing some work the way I'd rather not do it, but such tasks happens once in a while. It required a lot of tedious testing which allowed me to listen some music as a nice bonus. Had final therapy session today. We examined few issues which I attributed to myself without considering my lifestyle for a past two weeks was a recipe for tiredness. I feel I can move on using on training furthers the set of skill I learnt, so big kudos to myself and the therapyst. 20 days ago I never thought I could make a week without gaming let alone 20 days. Speaking of tiredness, past two weeks with gaming/gamingsearching attaching would have made me really snappy. Now I'm off to check some things with work/study environment from the previos day and do some packing.
  20. If my memory serves me, Richard Feymann wrote about such things in his autobiographic book. Unfortunately. I can't find it's original title atm.
  21. Well, I actually invested in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy skills and it's helping me a lot. Mostly learned to check whether my thoughts are realistic and practical insted of immediately panicking. You may also find self-help books on this subject, but books weren't as effictive for me. Cheapers, but not cost-effective)
  22. 5-10 minutes at time was saving my during exam periods. Whatever works. Things like "if you're not doing it 40 minutes a day, you're doing it wrong" rarerly fit for anywork with usual work hours.
  23. "but it did teach me how deceptively time-consuming cooking, cleaning, and laundry can be." Do you mean it actually takes too little time?
  24. >> Go and change your life. You have the power. Good job at self-inspiring. Made me remeber One-Punch Man. "Power, get the power!" =)
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