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  1. Hey Richard! I used to game with a group from Tasmania - Fun group of dudes! It's great to see that you've come to understand that as you love games, they're really having a negative impact on your life. I'm currently 12 days into my no game fast and it's been rough but overall I feel better for it. As Alex mentioned - Stick with the program and that should help set the habits for getting away from games to the point where you don't think twice about it! Oh and welcome to the group!
  2. Hey Guys! I'm curious to get some thoughts on this. Now I'm technically a (board) game designer (I prefer to tell folks I'm a creative because it's not just board games I do!), so I use my game for example as a catalyst to tell my story. I like to keep the mechanics simple and fun but, really have the artwork sing. The difference between video games and board games is there's only so long people can sit and play for before doing something else. It's significantly more social then say playing games online with friends. However TCG's like Magic the gathering can have a strong pull in many regards, but still I feel even so this doesn't get as bad as gaming at home. I can go into a bit more detail buuuut I'm more interested in knowing what you guys think!
  3. Hello Everyone, Name's Chris - I'm 27 and have been playing games ever since I could figure out a Sega Genesis controller. I'm here because I think at this point after cycling though my steam queue a bunch of times, getting caught up on PSN just looking for something new to play, I need to get away from games (again). This wouldn't be the first time I've 'stopped' playing games. I quit a year or two ago for a couple of months cold(ish) turkey on a challenge from a family member that I simply couldn't stop playing. I was driven to prove I could indeed stop, so I did. I stopped playing games that I found inciting. Although during the hiatus of Hardcore play, I'd play games that made no difference to me for an hour tops then go on to something non-game related. At this time I had no real interest in focusing on games only. I was 120% more social, read at least four books a month, was writing more and more on my blog. and ultimately more focused in living than hiding. I refer to this as point as The Top of the Mountain. Eventually I questioned why I ultimately stopped playing and eventually ended back where I am now. This is not to say I've gotten better with the time I've spent playing. Sometimes I'll go on a gaming binge for an entirety of a day 7 - 8 hours more or less. Most of the games I play today have a tendency to be single player, which I feel has a limited timeline and eventual end. I analyse it like reading a book, but without the satisfaction of growth and awe I used to get while absorbing a story say for example as a kid playing Final Fantasy 8 or Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I'm a creative and I have many projects I wish to complete. Ironically one of these projects is a physical competitive card game I currently own a business for, as well as, many, many, stories I've developed, started, and placed on pause. I graduated community college last year with a degree in Liberal Arts with a focus in literature. Originally I went to college for game design but I had discovered quite quickly that I don't get along with math. Real Talk - I'm aware of my time playing video games and it really bugs me. I recently left my job at an office as an administrator for a waiting gig I had a few years ago so I'm a relatively social person. I like to believe I'm in a bit of a rut as I'm currently, once again, redesigning the system of game I've been working on for the last seven months. I have two contracted artists, the theme is set, and pretty much everything else lined up but excluding the most important part: the game itself. I've been feeling completely lost as I've already invested a fair sum into my company. Putting myself in front of my PC and saying "Welp -Nine hours of Xcom it is!" isn't helping. Thankfully I actually enjoy deigning my game (when I have a current build to work with), so I can honestly say it's not part of the issue. It's the things I've been distracting myself with or the things I'm trying to find to play to fill the void. I've played my share of MOBA's / FPS's to know the feeling of pulling your weight in a team environment, perhaps some of you may understand this perfectionist mentality. I'm 27 I still live at home with my folks and it bugs me every day. I don't like to speak highly of myself - the world owes me nothing, but I honestly feel I have something great to share with the world. I want to get out there, grow, and LIVE. Thanks for reading