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    • July 13 - Day #6 (3:23pm) How do I feel about almost a week without honing in on a game? Good enough. Without a doubt, there have been enough positives. I just finished listening/occasionally watching the images in a 40-minute philosophy talk (Alan Watts again) that I've come back to like 10 times, while previously gaming - dangerous but for some small amount of closure too, I think. I had the intention of using my ears as well as my eyes to take in wordy descriptions, so that I might have the drive for a couple of solid reading hours of my current library book. There is the seemingly strong enough chance of a reunion that I got the invite to this week, and it's had me assessing myself and how I might relate to everybody in the chat group after as much self-motivating, basic work and significant memories (both of groups and my own) I would have to speak of. It's made me want to take further care of the rest of the year (as I assume it will take place before the end of) and what relationships I believe are ongoing. I had a good exercise session today at a sunny park with just enough energy remaining, and talked to a stranger for awhile as I left. If I skated over most of the details to summarise, it was another reminder to be appreciative of what we have. Which brings this post to --- Gratitude: ~ warmth of weather and the creation of new memories via challenges and conscious attention ~ an ideal 2 local jobs for which I applied ~ surviving a late night and intense dreams, overcoming tiredness ~ the monthy/quarterly community club newsletter I got in the mail with a good story inside about a person I met Good luck this weekend, Matt    
    • Entry 12.7 ( Written on 13.7) Day 651: No Useless Videos Day 650: Sticking to Food schedule Day 252: Eating Only between 06:30 and 19:00 (Last bite before 19:00) Day 7: Being in bed before 23:15 3 Things I did well no matter how small -Called the uinsurance company to find out the nuances of when the payment is ade and whn I'll get the documents approving my active insurance -Decided to ask father to load up his bank account after all, to be extra sure the payment will pass and I won't be left without a health insurance on the needed time -Quickly forgiving the girl that asked to go on break before me as she claims "just to get on my nerve" because she said ] "critisized her" earlier (the first time I heard that she felt I did something wrong in her direction ( I really just ran into a customer that made an order with her and told her of an improvement offer of how to make the orders more effective, but it seems she got hurt by that instead of taking it as a-whole hearted improvement offer.... Oh well =/ ) 1 thing I could do better -Stay focused on doing pomodoros in he morning, no opening bank account, I still mst do a minimum of 4! not 2!!!! Eventuall if I don't stop this the blog migh die... Jesus.....
    • Day 5   So far no luck updating pc but realized that some of the extensions where having trouble logging in email, so far no animation expect maybe slides or paintings of some type that speaks of history. Did few OT (working arms) today and maybe read the next chapter in proverbs and watch a movie. Outside of this there nothing else to write about. Grateful: 1.God  2.Jesus 3.Holy Spirt 4.Bible  5.Church  6.Friends  7.Family  8.House  9.Car  10.Saftey 
    • As I have said before I have to train a new apprentice , but he has got serious anxiety issues. When we were doing a task together and he thought there was a mistake, he talked about it like a disaster of some sort. This keeps recurring and the pressure starts to take hold. I dont know how to convince the employee that the work we are doing is of a good standard. He keeps watching his back and is super vigilant but just turns the work into an ordeal.
    • Day 4   So not much happening today, had few cancellations today one with an online friend meeting for my online church and that was due because we going to go somewhere with my aunt. That kind fell through and so both fell through. So not much to say there. Earlier today me and my mom walked our dog and walked around the neighborhood. This dog has a lot of energy, no I mean it non stop energy in the morning and all day. I’m talking about that hyper. Through I found a little trick to wear her out and that when we’re walking is to run to the end of the where you turn around go back where you came from starts with c just can’t spell it. Do that two times and she out like light. But she loves chasing a ball to. So ya she has a lot of energy maybe need two walks a day.    i m also going stay away from puppets to so what might do is stay away from almost anything animation, not easy but it forces me to think differently and hopefully learn new things.    Slides are okay or tutorials to learn how to do something that want learn is okay. Because then I grow in that skill.    Watched some videos on p2p network it fascinating but not something I want to try out.  And some other YouTube videos too since the internet was down, not much do with that.    Second I seem to having trouble updating my window 10 pc (I built this pc and call it a workstation pc) though most will see it as gaming pc.     The problem with this update is that it downloads fine but but never installs and has this error. I have used troubleshooter, restarted pc, had vpn on and off and still saying Encouter problem and waited the next day to.       When it comes to I willing to do some things but the movement you say I need to delete files, or use command prom I get a little hesitant since I could brick the pc so I would rather have more surface level fixes and yes I have updated the bios to. I have 32Gbs of ram so memory is not issue neither is storage since it 1TB m.s ssd. So I’m not sure what going here. Please don’t say live with that get me more upset.       I will be probably read the next chapter of book of Proverbs tonight.  So I think that it for today.    Grateful: 1.God  2.Bible  3.Church  4.Friends 5.Family  6. Safety 7.Car 8.Home 9.Food 4.Money     
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