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    • Hi Lucas!
    • Day 14, 15, 16 - 10/16/2019 (Total days w/o gaming: 13;  streak 3 days) Day 16 complete. Last three days went by pretty quick. Just had to grind out a ton of school work after getting off work each day. I've got plans I'm real excited for the next 5 days, so I probably wont be posting much or at all. Not much to say. I'm feeling real good. Eating slightly healthier, still haven't gone back to the gym though. I feel like I'm really close to making a big breakthrough. I'm balancing my life a lot better through time management, sleeping more at consistent times, decreasing screen time, socializing more, starting to skateboard and WANT to skateboard again. That alone is really important to me. I haven't had a hobby that I've actively wanted to do in a long time. Picking up skateboarding was definitely a necessity for me and I can't turn back on it again. Because I have something I'm feeling some passion about want to go out of my way to do, I'm almost automatically managing my time better so I can find room in my day to skateboard. The next big goals are to start reading for pleasure more, start exercising again frequently (thankfully skateboarding handles this a bit, but I need to do more), and diet a bit better. I need to get around to this. Anyways I'm feeling pretty good, but I can do better.
    • Hey I've been doing well! Hope you're doing well, man. Been a while! I actually did that as a hobby, but 3 people joined who I dislike and I haven't been in weeks. 
    • Yeah, I get it. Well if you two couldn't agree on anything, you weren't meant to be together. It was similar with on of my exes. Tho I think my ex was over it because we weren't that sexual together, she didn't want to sleep with me, we were together for a year and we had sex just five times... she just didn't had the attraction towards me and I was blind, I couldn't see its the reason. Seems like she has now a man in her life, who understands her and has more qualities I hadn't.
    • Hey man I hope your doing well. One thing that's nearby for me is a card shop. On certain nights however, they host a board game night. It may not be the best hobby but if you can find a group near you it might be a cheaper hobby? 
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